Ron Conrad, East Taunton, MA, US

Viet Nam Vet , Honorable Discharge , Very Proud & Happy Grampa. Wanna-Be Woodworker. Medical Retirement Since Age 49... Accidents Happen. 20 Years with the Same Employer..Your Hurt..Your outtahere..So much for a job well done , do a good job and get your just reward.

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Re: Safety Manual: Tablesaw

Dear 3pinner, Just love your sense of humor. The shear idea of taking Nails home is Genius.

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

I have a question, in addition of every thing wrong this guy did, I suspect he was attempting to rip 3/4 oak flooring with the wrong blade and/ or a very dull one. LISTEN to your tool's they will talk to you if you listen. Like STOP STUPID THIS IS NOT WORKING. Just a thought. Ron

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Nothing left to say ! The woodworkers of America have spoken, At least we now know where the moral thread of our Country thrives. Forest Gump " Stupid is as Stupid Does " or something like that. I actually enjoyed the outrage of views, Next step with the courts will be ARE YOU A WOODWORKER, OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ?? answer YES YOU ARE RELEASED FROM SERVING ON THIS JURY WHY ?? YOU ARE BIASED..GO HOME WE DON'T NEED YOU GrampaRon

Re: The Right Tool for the Job

Yes I would agree 100 % with Band Saw purchase. The one "toy" I have yet to purchase, that said allow me to make a suggestion. Please, Please find a Voc-Tech School in your area and puirchase a night / Extension course. I cannot express how much joy I have experienced making and gifting my projects using the big boy toys I would never be able to afford. After several bad choices I found a school 18 miles from my home. ( I have a voc-Tech within walking distance )I fit right in with the instructor and the group, some have been in the same night for 15+ years. I just short of my 60th birthday and cannot wait until my next school night. My decision to find the right class was the very best tool I have purchased to date. Ronnie, East Taunton,Ma

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