Chris Ballmer, Ventura, CA, US

Been a hack for about 5 years. Mostly dabbling in boxes, but wanting to explore more furniture.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 08/16/1967

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iPad Mini Wall Mount

Walnut Ipad Wall Mount.

Jewelry box, Mahogany and Ebony

Small jewelry box with one top tray.  Oil then poly finish (5ish coats).  Ebony lift.  Mitered splines. (sorry of photos being so red... it's more brown, but you get the idea)

Poormans "Hinge Bit"

Ever needed a cheaper way than buying an entire set of metal hinge bits for marking a center hole... you may have it in your junk drawers at home... This method centers a pen tip in a hinge holeUse...

Jewelry box, Walnut and Cocobolo

This is a medium/small (12x7"ish) simple box made with miter corners, and a veneer walnut top. Local friend had ebony so my first time working with it..brittle but polishes up nice and smoothgreat...

Small walnut box, with oak, inlay strip, finger joints, and a skirt

This was a small project which I was really just flying through, trying to get it done quick.  There are fingerjoints, which I learned you want to have thicker walls or they will split.  But, fun...

Jewelry box, design by Doug Stowe taken from his book

This was walnut, pretty much my favorite medium right now. A jewelry box for my daughter.

Walnut and Oak with oval pull

This was a thicker walled, walnut with some figure, and oak which was reclaimed by a friend who knew I did woodwork.

Urn / box with lift lid

Mid-sized box. Materials: Birds eye maple sides, Brazillian hardwood feet/legs. This was made for my brother as a memory box which will hold ashes of his beloved dog Sully and some things associated...

Modern lift lid

Lift lid box, mystery wood.  Lid and bottom made from reclaimed lumber from a headboard my mother in law found for me. Purpleheart pull and divider.  Divider cut with router / 45deg angled...

Sliding top with spalled veneer cut lid

This was a project from a Box Making class I took at Woodcraft in Ventura.  Our teacher, David Blackburn was great!  He brought some of his veneer collected wood, and our 6 student class...

Walnut wallet and change box

Box body was made from a piece of black walnut, beind the 'contractor wood' rack, collecting dust.  I was pulling out the new stuff, to get to those pieces they put beind, for small project guys...

My first box.

It took a while for me to muster up the courage to start cutting, but once the ice was broken, I went for it.  Had cherry for top and splines, and it was a great complementary color to the...

Recent comments

Re: Box with corner post dovetails and wooden hinges

Great job... love it. Makes me want to get that jig too. You did Andy proud man.


Awesome! This is truly beautiful, not to mention the cute kid. Truly skillful and artistic. I love it. Great job.

Re: Bina Kapısı

Hey, this isn't ETSY. Get a website dude.

Re: New Dice Boxes

Hi. Nice work. Are you selling those? How much?

I like the dovetails, did you use a router bit, I can't see the sides... half-blind?

Re: How To Show Different Material Options

Exactly Steve. True dat. Here are two, or most three varieties.

Re: Mandy

Very nice

Re: UPDATE: Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards

Pick me Pick me. Why? Why not?

Re: Custom made Memory Keepsake Boxes

Hi. What resources did you have to learn inlay? This is very beautiful

Re: Treasure Boxes

I love the fact that these are displayed in sand ! And you used sawdust for the inlay !

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