good wood

rutland, VT, US

my father started me in woodworking at age twelve. our main business was cabinets for the kitchen and bath. we built houses,additions and remodeling, with some furniture. now at age 67 all i do is furniture, build, restore and refinish. i no longer use any stains, switched to analine dyes, love them

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

good wood says 55 years of operating woodworking machinery and i have all ten fingers. my father said you can tell a good cabinetmaker, he has all ten fingers, i still have all ten. guess thinking and being aware is all that is needed. my table saw has no splitter and i use no blade guards. still i have all ten. i'm selling my shop this spring, due to age. will retire with all ten.

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

i have been building furniture for 55 years and have never received an injury from any shop tool. i was in my twenties when helping my father put a 20 foot header in a new garage. it was 20 below zero and i hit my thumb really hard, splitting the thumb. my father didn't have to say a thing, i heard g=his voice in my head, be careful. dad is buried in Benson, Vt, having passed away in 1993. i miss him yet and everyday when in my shop, i still hear his saying, you can tell a good cabinetmaker by counting his fingers, if he has all ten he is good, be careful. we worked for years with no guards, splitters, etc. today i use them as i am getting older. still the most important safety tool is your mind, pay attention every minute and be careful. count your fingers.

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