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Re: Sie board cabinet

Very nice Dean! But you should never let your wife know you're capable of such work! :)

Re: Side Table

While formal is not my cup of tea; your side table is an example of the highest workmanship and design! Great job Richard!

Re: New Sliding Miter Saw from Bosch

I don't know. Where will it all end? I want a laser cutting chop saw with a .0001 kerf - now that's a real game changer! When that comes out, I'll trade in my 12" Hitachi slider.

One cool thing about the Bosch is that you can set the bevel from the front of the saw. The Hitachi makes you crawl up on the bench to change it when it's used in a fixed configuration.

FWW likes to hype up things if you haven't noticed.

Re: Zebra wood box

Really nice John!

Re: Who Is A Hand Tool Woodworker?

There is little or no doubt in my mind, that if our woodworking forfathers had power tools they most certainly would have used them.

I can appreciate fine hand work. I have a brace of planes, chisels, and other hand tools that I cherish. However, I don't let the use of one tool prohibit the next. I use tools as they were meant to be used. And that's settled by ashking, "whats the best way to do this".

Re: Spalt Your Own Lumber: Dissecting the Colored Molds

I once bought a log run of hard maple that was beautifully spalted (by nature). The sawyer appolized to me for it; I smiled and loaded up the wood!

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

Sorry for the second post; but after reading some of the comments about CNC, I have to add more to the discussion.

Like so many other readers have commented: CNC is accurate - very accurate, and nobody with a handheld router can achieve the accuracy of a CNC, period.

Example: Darrell Peart, whom I personally admire as a fine woodworker, does much if not all of his joinery using a JDS multirouter? Does this offend the purist? Probably. But ask Darrell if he thinks the multirouter improves is joinery? I don't know how he'd answer, but I suspect he'd agree. Take a look at his book and the x-ray photos of some of the joinery from the Greene and Greene workshop - less than stellar in my opinion, but, it was done by hand!

In bending wood. How fast and accurate can you create 10 identical bending froms from a sheet of 3/4 mdf using a bandsaw and/or router? How long does it take you to build a multi-layered jig for bending? My customers could care less how my jig is made - the final product is what concerns them.

Carving? I agree with another poster: How many years does it take to perfect the art? Can you pass the hours used to create a single carving on to your customer? I doubt it. Have any of you "finewoodworking purists" ever ordered a finial from Osbourn, or some other vendor for a project? Do you think they have a staff of old world German carvers?

Need a jig for your shapper? Spend half a day making the jig and fine tuning it? Or, design it on a CAD program in 15 minutes and then cut and assemble the jig in another 15 minutes - ready for use? Or, do you despise the idea of using a shapper - or your router table in the first place?

I could go on and on, but I think by now you all understand what side of the discussion I fall on.

Yes, it's unfortunate that the world doesn't respect hand work as much tody - but it does! The world demands and appreciates fine hand work - they just don't want to pay for it anymore!

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

I have an ez-router 4x8 scorpion in my shop, and I consider it as the most essential tool I own. I can quickly mock up jigs, patterns, bending molds accurately and quickly. The use of the machine in no way detracts from the quality of the end product. In fact it actuall makes the end product much better.

I would recommend a CNC to any serious woodworker, and especially the folks at

I echo epirnik "Is Finewoodworking ready for CNC" not the other way around!

Re: Parquet Partners Desk

How about the modesty panel? Nice work!

Re: Jewelry Box

Very nice! I'm sure your granddaughter loves it!

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

Sorry to hear the news Norm. You got me started in this hobby/profession. I almost got divorced several times tho - buying the latest gizmo you had on your show! But all worked out and I'm a better craftsman today because of you and FineWoodworking!

Re: James Krenov: 1920 - 2009

First it was the passing of Sam, and now James? How we shall miss them both!

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