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Birthday: 07/17/1953

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Couples Urn

After my parents died, I made this couple's urn out of a Ucalyptus tree Dad had cut down before his illness. The top is some bookmatched Oregon Walnut left over from another project as is the base...

Recycled Cabinet Nightstand

I had made the single drawer nightstand a couple of years ago. Someone gave me the old cabinet missing a drawer and I turned it into a matching nightstand to the original. The green glass knobs are...

Chestnut Ratchet Lamp

I bought 3 reclaimed wormy chestnut boards online and made this ratchet lamp. No stain, oil/varnishand and wax finish.

Jewelry Box

Oregon Walnut, Spalted Maple, Curly Maple. Gift for my wife.

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac by Tommy MacDonald and Laurie Donnelly

Love the show, very entertaining. The new new Yankee Woodshop?!

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Fine Woodworking 2011 Annual Collection

I still have issue #1 and all my back issues! I need to start selling them off to make room!

Re: UPDDATE: Shop Improvements: Outstanding ideas from the world's finest woodworkers from Fine Woodworking magazine

I love these books! Makes it easier to find stuff instead ol looking through my old issues. This one sounds like a great way to look around your shop and make it better!

Re: Your safety first

Yikes! Glad you are okay, but where is the safety gaurd for that jointer?

Re: Masterpiece - Wonkys and Art Gallery

Awesome shop! I love the "drunken squares", I just made a bunch of cheese cutting boards just like this!

Re: I like my lumber deliveries fast, not on fire

So what happened? The video ends abruptly! Also FW, it wasn't a load of "Hardwood", only by definition... it was just house lumber.

Re: A Maloof Chair Animation

Do the Maloof chairs every start loosening up after 20 years or so? I never have liked them all that much and no matter how much glue surface and screws you use, at the end of the legs there is a lot of leverage on that joint, even just sliding the chair around on the floor. I would think they would start falling apart sooner or later.....(unless he used epoxy).

Re: Spring Joints: An Edge Glue-Up's Best Friend

I couldn't find the "Charlesworth video" for making spring joints. Could someone post the link? Thanks!

Re: Swirling wood sculptures have me mesmerized

I made a Galileo's Bicycle last year for my wife's birthday, she loves it. Quite a challenge to make but lots of fun seeing it all come together. Clayton sells quite a few plans, mostly clock designs.

Re: Home of Eakins Fine Woodworks

What a beautiful building! Lots of room, but for gosh sakes, put some posters or artwork on those walls! The inside looks BLAH and boring. Paint one wall a different color, make a really nice hanging tool cupboard. I'd go nuts in there, looks like the inside of a prison.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Civil War Woodworking by A.J. Hamler

I'm currently reading "The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" by Cristopher Schwarz & Joel Moskowitz. It's amazing what our ancestors could make without power tools! This sounds like another great book on how they made stuff back then....

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Make Your Own Walking Sticks by Charles Self

Best tip I ever heard for making walking sticks: use one of those little pipe cutters to score a line around the stick to make a tenon! I'm anxious to try it!

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

More good quality hand tools! Lots of times you can do a procedure with a hand tool a lot quicker and easier than it takes to set up a machine for the same process!!

Re: Chestnut Ratchet Lamp

It's not tippy, but then we no longer have little kids in the house! The cord runs along a dado on one side of the ratchet post which was then filled in with a strip of wood. Let me know if you want the plans.

Re: Book Giveaway: Furniture Restoration - Step-by-Step Tips and Techniques for Professional Results

I do quite a bit of restoration work. I really enjoy the actual repair work (broken legs, missing veneer, loose drawers, etc) but the actual refinishing and or trying to preserve the old patina is part art, part chemistry and part frustration. I would love to look at the recipes for finishing in this book. Thanks for the opportunity to receive it.

Re: Test Your Woodworking IQ

I'm pretty sure the finest steel wool is 00000! Not four ought. (I don't know how to spell ought)

Re: Jewelry Box

Thanks for the comment! The only curly maple is the dividers inside the box. The top is book-matched Oregon Walnut! I used a simple oil/varnish finish on all the woods. It turned the spalted maple too dark though, I should have sealed it first.

Your boxes are absolutely amazing by the way! I'm not that skilled yet....

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