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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

A little story:
I wanted to replace my old Craftsman table saw, was thinking of the the Sawstop and went into Woodcraft to discuss it with the salesman. I told him "it seems like a lot of extra money, but I suppose that if I had an accident it would be worth it." From all the way across the store came a loud voice "You bet it is!!!!". Looking over where it came from all I could see was a hand sticking up - with half the index finger missing. The owner was a professional woodworker who after many years had made one little slip. How many other pros do you know who can "count fractions" with their fingers?

The bottom line is that Mr Gass found the solution to a formerly intractable problem that causes thousands of serious injuries a year, each of which no doubt costs more in medical costs, not to mention disability and lost wages, than the incremental cost of putting the technology on the saw. The other manufacturers had the opportunity to adopt the technology and refused. They should bear the responsibility for their descision, at least for accidents that occur after the Sawstop became available.

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