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Birthday: 09/17/1950

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Purpleheart and Maple Box

I used purpleheart for the carcass of this box, with maple for the lid and maple for the featherslips. Inside, i finished the bottom with black velour. The toughest part was setting the 105 degree...

Redheart Drawer Box

Redheart on Cherry frame.  About 6" x 6" x 4".  Finished with Tung Oil and Paste Wax.

Bocote Hinged Box

Maple sides and Bocote top.  The top has concealed hinges.  Inside there is a bottom of black velour.  The featherslips are Bocote.  Easy and fun to make.

Slider Box

Cocobolo top with Maple sides.  Cocobolo featherslips.  Black velour bottom.  The center decoration is a slice of a Hickory nut from a tree on our property.  8.5" x 5.5" x 2.5"

Wavy Box

This is a small box I made from Purpleheart and Maple. The featherslips are maple, too. The tops swing open on both sides, at the wavy line. The bottom is black velour. The finish is Tung oil...

Oak Urn

This Oak urn was a commission piece.  It encapsulates a metal urn, and is bottom loaded.  The circular parts and feather slips are Cocobolo, and the feather is Oak.  The top is a...

Maple Box

Maple sidewalls and top.  Interior (not shown) is thin Zircote., and I used Zircote for the featherslips, too.  Inside bottom is black velour.  Bottom is quarter inch ply for...

Cocobolo and Ebony box

Carcass is Cocobolo with Ebony top and "snakeskin" interior inserts.  Inside, the floor is black velour fabric.  Bottom is Oak ply for strength.  Oil and wax finish.  This became...

Peruvian Walnut and American Maple Box

Carcass is Peruvian Walnut with Maple featherslips.  Top lid is Maple with Ebony handle, which is attached with wood dowels.  Front decoration is semi-inlaid river rock, glued in with...

Cocobolo Box

Carcass made of one continuous Cocobolo board.  Top and hinges also Cocobolo, with brass rod through two (uneven) hinges.  Oak ply for bottom,  Inside is black velour wrapping...

Recent comments

Re: Maple live edge bench

Wonderful. Complex, yet simple. Well done!

Re: Burr Poplar Box

Looks like it was inspired by Peter Lloyd! Nice work.

Re: The Adrift Series - Abram Barrett

Wow. Very nice selection of materials. Very nice designs, too. Keep going!

Re: Farmhouse Table


Re: Burr Poplar Box

You have acheived what many woodworkers only dream of: style, originality, and function. Well done!

Re: The Cedar Chalet

Incredible design. Amazing.

Re: Bandsaw Project

Beautiful. Useful. Amazing.

Re: Maple & Walnut endgrain cutting board

Your design is excellent.

Re: Arts & Crafts Box

The use of outside legs is quite nice. The overall sense I get from this box is that's it's old and from a period gone by. Keep up the good work.

Re: Build a Tablesaw Sled for Precision Miters

I use a digital "tilt guage" thing to set my sawblade to 45 degrees. It has worked flawlessly. Sometimes the new stuff is better! It is accurate to 1/10th of one degree, and that's more than most people can see.

Re: hall table

Craftsmanship aside (and you are clearly talented there), the design is what makes this table great.

Re: PS Nessmuck Bench

This belongs in an art shop. Fine work. Excellent design. Unique "drop off" effect, too. You get first place in the art show!

Re: Coffee table

For goodness sake, people... Lighten up. It's a beautiful piece of wood. Maybe the leg design needs work, but I love the finish and the overall effect. I think the piece would have been better put to use as "an object d'art" for the wall or something, but it's still nice.

Re: Walnut Candle Box

Nice joints!

Re: Hickory Rocker

I'd fall asleep in that chair in a quick minute. Nice work.

Re: Walnut Box

Nice selection of wood for front and top. The handmade hinges are also a nice touch.

Re: Custom Built-in Office Wall

Nice work! And excellent use of space.

Re: More Bonkers Boxes

Yep. Definately a Peter-inspired box. Nice.

Re: Alice the Tiny Box

Small boxes are a great way to try out style ideas and see if something works. I make them all the time. Nice work.

Re: Wenge and Oak Box

I'm impressed by the design and the contrasts. Well made and interesting.

Re: DECO II - an un-turned bowl

Great design. The more I make in wood... design is everything, and you invented a great design!

Re: Cherry Stash Box

Great design. I like the repeating stripes on the handle, and the gradual inversion of the sides. The tray is also a nice touch. Well made.

Re: anti-symmetrical

Nice work. Tons of sanding.

Re: Steps Jewellery Box

Very nice detail and design. I think the hinges and lock really compliment things.

Re: Dresser

Cool dresser. I'm glad I stopped drinking long ago or this might have looked "normal."

Re: Double-Duty Box

I like how the featherslips continue into the carcass, and the handles are a nice contrast, too. Good job.

Re: Custom made Memory Keepsake Boxes

Nice work. And nice variation for the three boxes.


Love the design. The description does not mention the size of the table. Is it quite tall?

Re: cypress and walnut cox

I like the design of this box. I know you must have spent years sanding it to completion, too. Well done.

Re: Cherry-Walnut stash box

Very nice design. Love the tapering, and the repeat of the top handle that looks like the legs. Nice job.

Re: Couples Urn

Nice job. Beautiful, elegant design.

Re: My Mother's Urn

Very nice work. Shows lots of talent in both design and craftsmanship.

Re: Cantilever Jewelry Box

Love the joinery, especially since it was hand done. Nice effort and good effect.

Re: Memorial Box

Intresting design. Will go great in a childs room!

Re: Cocobolo Box

Thanks for the kind comments. I used a MinWax Wood Sheen "Natural" rubbing oil and once dried, I applied three applications of Goddard's cabinetmaker's paste wax. It's now over a year old and I don't see any signs of problems. The term "neutral" here is the same as "natural"- in that it is not adding color, only depth.

Re: End Table

Beautiful piece. Just wondering... does the top lift up? The design suggests it.

Re: Ribbon Box

Great design. This is the type of gift where the box eclipses the gift!

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