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Re: UPDATE: Handmade Furniture: 21 Classic Woodworking Projects to Build for Your Home by Rafael Nathan

I like having projects lined up. Makes my life a pleasure.

Re: From Dovetails to Mortise & Tenon

I like watching you work, but my old eyes would like to see you zoom in on the area being worked on. The full screen is too blurred for me.

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

My experience of two power tool injuries in 32 years of strictly amateur woodworking are attributable to 1) sudden distraction (my wife shouting my name as I am finishing a bandsaw cut) and 2) fatigue inducing inattention and hurry at the table saw. The distraction issue is why I cringe when I see ads in woodworking catalogs for those earmuffs that contain an MP-3 or radio. My family is now aware that they should not interrupt me when a power tool is running.

I am fortunate that neither cut was at all serious, but they each did require four or five stitches at the ER.

I do agree with the suggestion of a Noble prize for the invention of a useable table saw blade guard that allows its use 99.9% of the time no matter the cut being made.

Forrest Bonner
Huntington Beach CA

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