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Re: Make Your Own Leather Chisel Roll

This won't please our OCD members, but rather than arrange the pockets from big to small, I have found it better to alternate the sizes, big/small/big/small... The bundle will roll up much better. The beauty of John's idea is you can determine your own spacing.
The design should definitely put sharp edges against folded leather, not stiches.
Bob Guthrie

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

view from Australia.
I agree with most respondents - what sort of idiot buys a saw thinking it can't cut you? - and why pay them good money that will get built into the price of all our tools.
I was going to ridicule the US legal system, but:
the blog has is funded by google ads. It had two Australian ads from ambulance-chasing no win no fee lawyers on the page
Your system's bad, we are catching you.
Bob Guthrie

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