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Copper, Wood and Stone are great materials to work with and to learn from.

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Red Oak "Mondriaan Frame" Coffee Table with rough granite top

This Red Oak Mondriaan Frame Coffee Table with a 1 3/4" rough granite top is a real simple design. The four rectangular frame parts are carrying the 750 pound granite table top. Frame: Red Oak 4"x1"...


The Granite stone has his original rough cut surface and circumference. After the treathment with Tung Oil it ended up as a beautyful Coffee Table. Dimensions 4.5' x 4.5'

MONDRIAAN Cabinet and MONDRIAAN Coffee Table

A cabinet, coffee table and later a dining table, designed with the same stile of framing and different toppings like Glass, Granite and Wood.

Recent comments

Re: You Can't Beat the Physics of Kickback

Super Video and so helpful for getting rid of all the ignorance out there. Thank you so much, this really helps a lot. Stay healthy,
Best Regards,

Re: Stand-Up Desk

Great idea, I will make one for my own use. I will have the same tilted top with just a little difference by sandwiching a laptop in a hinged double top plate. (Top plate lock included)
Thanks for inspiring me.
Kind regards

Re: Shop Talk Live 38: Brian Boggs' Brainy Machinery

Okay, iTunes works fine for me, thanks

Re: Shop Talk Live 38: Brian Boggs' Brainy Machinery

For one or another reason I never managed to listen to any "Shop Talk" as from the beginning. Anyone with the same problem or is it just me?

Re: AWFS: A Super-Glue for Furniture Makers?

I'm not sure here. What does it add to my work? I'm not waiting for this kind of new stuff.
Looks like Malofsky and his team of chemists found a listening ear but not in my shop.

Re: Hidden Genius: The Extraordinary Furniture of Roentgen

Dear all,
Please find more of these goodies at:

Have fun

Re: Hidden Genius: The Extraordinary Furniture of Roentgen

Super thanks for sharing, I can't get enough of these master works, just great, thanks.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

The Romans, Egypt's, Maya's, were using jigs and very clever tools, so now we like to discuss if this is correct or not? What a USA way of thinking, the famous ignorance at top level

Re: Watch someone turn a lamp shade (it's better than that sounds, really)

Great job, great skills you must have to cut this out of firewood. The waste again is firewood.

The poor poster regarding using veneer instead doesn't know that one can't get veneer of this kind of wood, you have to waste the more exotic woods for it.
And regarding waste, most probably the poster is driving a 6.3 liter truck on 1 gallon per 5 km, damn hypocrites

Re: General Consolidates Operations, Closes its Canadian Factory

I completely agree with `Kevin90`his comment.
I disagree on the assumption that Canada or the USA would not be able to compete against the crappy Chinese machine stuff on the market today. I run a Company in Canada as part of a multinational and we do very well in competing against the crappy import products from China etc.
It`s all about the inability and laziness of management and unwillingness to install proper LEAN manufacturing processes. Companies moving to the LCC (low cost countries) should shame themself leaving the home country instead of rolling up their sleeves. Thumps down for them.

But as so many times prooven in the past, The Customer has the biggest power! Simple block all that Chines crap, don`t buy it, it`s simple enough.
If the runaways are still supported by customers than we should no longer complain, than we are lost.

Ed van den Enden

Re: Scrap Copper Makes a Great Door Pull

Thanks John, you inspired me at the right moment.

Here my little contribution in regard to Copper coloring:

We have a wonderful knowledbase on the web called: Copper Development Assosiation Inc at www.copper.org
with everyting you need to know about Copper Patina's

For Brown see: http://www.copper.org/resources/properties/protection/brown.html

For Green see: http://www.copper.org/resources/properties/protection/green.html

For resouces see:

Have fun and let me know what you did with it.

Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

Just to let you know that we "finewoodworkers" can't get to see the video from "the Colbert Report" in Canada.

Please and if you give your judgement consider in your judgement the learning curve of each student woodworker or hobyist.

Re: UPDATE: Deadline extended again for tablesaw safety comments to the CPSC

Hi guys and girls,
Remember how long it took before in North America the riving knife was accepted by users. (Not by the government) The riving knife is the most useful safety equipment ever invented on a table saw. The only reason why it took 30 years before implemented are we.

A new report shows that an average of 31,400 people are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year for tablesaw injuries. This figure doesn't include accidents on the job.

We all said NO against the Riving Knife for so many years.
So I wish you all good luck and we talk again over 20 years about the flesh sensing stuff.

Re: Easy-to-install spiral cutterheads for $250

Buy quality en spend your money in North America and yes I know it's a lot more expensive but I know also you get so much more. A Cutter head like this can't do the job as good as a head with 3 times more knifes. Please do your math and you will find out that with the same feed rate and cutting depth as a spiral 3 row cutter head, this Taiwanese Knife must cut with a huge headache.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

It's a great technique and it's one of the first thing I teached myself years ago including the about the same technique as edging a raised panel on the same table saw. Thanks for sharing.
And by the way, who is talking about safety on a table saw? What country again was the last one in the whole world that came with a riving knife on a table saw?

Re: Shop-Made Marking Gauges Simplify Layout

Very interesting, thanks Greg.

By the way, ... funny to read the Babelonic conversation between some guys.
Work safe and have a great one,

Re: Design an iPad Support

Hi Tim,

You made me think, .. I will post my result.

Re: a pretty good mitered frame gluing jig

Yep, agree, this jig is so basic good, you can't go better than this, ... super thanks

Re: Peter Shepard Turns the Page

Thanks Peter showing your great designs, you are an fine and professional artist,

Re: Build a Super-Precise Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

Like a riving knife in a table-saw it will take a while before a sliding-tablaw will be standard in North America. This cross sled from Matt is exact doing what it suppose to do, thanks for sharing Matt


Re: Lamello's Zeta is a Knockout Tool for Knock-Down Furniture

Wow, super heavy comments on this fine quality tool and way of doing your thing, I'm impressed. Are you all so proud of you home depot Chevy Chinese quality? My goodness and if it would fit into my doing thing as woodworker I would defiantly give it a try.
The real creative woodworker looks over his fence and is never to old or to stubborn to learn new things.

Re: curved dovetails on small lingerie chest

Wow, great job, nice materials used, you have inspired me, thanks.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

These redicules lawsuits are only possible in the USA and I hope this "money hunt" stays there for ever.

Re: Golden River Door and sidelight sculptures

Thank you so much for sharing your design work with us. The door is great, not over design just great, it's a master piece.

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