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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Remember Saw stop tried to get its divice required by law and failed. I have been a pro wood worker for 50 years and in that time have had two accidents one on the jointer and one on the table saw but sill have all my fingers and toes.
when I think of the accidents I kick myself not the machines or the maker It was I being carless, stupid,not giving the machine the respect it desevers.There are rules that must be followed or pay the price to gods of the machine. these accidents occured not as a novice but as a 20 year vetern I learned to be supper aware on all machines all the time never allowing any distractions and always being safe. It maybe a great divice and its works. But it may take away the edge to be safe on all the tools in the shop. Yes I said tools. Even hand tool, has any one seen the damage a really sharp Chiasel can do? these law suits are the way that this divice is going to get mandated on all table saws. Again its the carelessness of the operator not the machine. Iown a roybi tablesaw for on site instalations and have comparied it to the others, aside form being lighter (a plus ) It is just as powerful It easly cut 11/2" material with a sharp blade. Instead of awarding this guy money they should make him go to trade school to learn the tool of his craft.

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