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Re: Router Injury Sparks Reflection on Safety

Something that lots of folks do not realize is that routers at 10-20,000 RPM "gyro." Basically it is just like a bicycle wheel that wants to stay pointed in one direction when it is rotating ...that's why you get away with "look mom, no hands." What happens with any gyro is that when you smack it (e.g., the bit gets hung up), it will go into a hard to predict and hard to handle motion... (for the techies, it wants to precess). An interesting experiment is to remove the bit, turn the trim router on and try to twist the router. It will want to jump out of your hand. The faster you move, the greater the force generated. With a bit that snags the work, you can get into lots of trouble fast. Morale of the story clamp, clamp, clamp....

Re: Could This Tool Change Everything?


What makes it even more funny is it looks like the 6 sigma liability folks made sure it was properly framed in case someone actually tried making a sissy stick and got hurt.

Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

All of this thinking came from what managers label as "6-sigma." Mathematically, that is 3.4 "problems" out of 1,000,000 "opportunities." It does not take the human element of "self protection" into account. In other words, it assumes that a worker doesn't care if they cut off a finger, are injured, or even die.

Where I work, some "safety expert" began requiring chuck guards on lathes only to discover that the guards became more of a hazard than the machine itself. The problem is that few of the "do-gooders" have ever been down on the floor and they only rely on theory. And unfortunately, they are usually blind to the boundaries between fact, theory, and hypothesis. The result is that they end up making it worse for everyone.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Beths0802 has a good point. Why wasn't this person found 100% at fault because he DID NOT buy the saw with the technology. After all, the technology is patented and proprietary and not available to all manufacturers. They should reverse this on an appeal.

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