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Dalbergia Garden Jewelry Box

Jewelry box with end grain panel retained in inlay banding. Cherry and macassar ebony case; compound mitred top section is solid cherry with maccassar ebony inlay, and the lower case is solid...

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Re: the flower

This is quite spectacular! Could you tell us the dimensions? Describe the technique at creating the middle a bit? Thanks!

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

As a professional woodworker for over 25 years who's never really developed fine hand tool skills, but has done what I'd like to believe most, if not all, would still perceive as fine woodworking, my shopbuilt CNC machine has enriched my work life in ways I hadn't initially imagined. It's opened up a world of possibilities for both "fine woodworking" and income (no trivial matter ever for a professional woodworker, and especially critical these past 15 months). True, there's not much sensual pleasure in hitting a start button, but my work life has always been about converting the image in my mind's eye to finished piece by whatever method i could make work. My CNC not only allows me to dovetail a huge pile of box parts in record speed (while I simultaneously groove for bottoms on the router table a few feet away...) but i can also pull off custom inlays in just a few minutes of my time that just might keep me off food stamps for a few more years...

Re: Jatabo jew

Kind of a provocative name. Maybe a typo you'd like to change?

Re: Koa Jewelry Box

Maybe it's just a wild coincidence, but it sure looks to me like you pretty much copied one of my my pieces I've been selling over the web for about three years now, at this page:http://www.alladd.com/koa_landscape.htm Attribution would have been nice!

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