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Re: STL 73: Sticking it to the EU

Yeah, you were buzzing about in your bottle a bit in this show.

To the guy having trouble with dado blades: I've fit straight edge shaper cutters on my table saw and had good results (grooves, rabets, finger joints...).

Re: STL 58: Is Woodworking an Art

Is fine furniture a form of art?

Some pieces are, I guess.
Art is a dodgy label and should be used sparingly.
Just because someone is a good artisan, doesn't mean their work automatically qualifies as art.
I'm not sure what Plato's take on this might be. As I remember, he didn't think much of poets, but he did respect craftsmen.

Re: STL 52: A Hit Man in the Workshop

Mr. Finn's article shows one way to build a front door.
If I was building it for my home, I'd use wedged through tenons, rather than the blind/pinned variety.

I'm not sure I find your road stories that interesting.

Re: Shop Talk Live 45: Taking the Fun Out of Fine Woodworking

I don't mind the banter.
And you always hear something new.

It's like having a couple o' mates coming around and you don't
even have to supply the beer.

If someone wants just information, then they should Google.
It's all out there anyway.

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