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Re: Make a sled that handles both square and miter cuts

Nice sled!
What's up with the print option? When I use it, all the pictures print but the print is lost. Has anyone else tried the print option?

Re: Terrific Table Plans

This is almost as bad as getting the first month of diet pills "for free!", so long as you sign up for auto deliveries for a year.
I love this site and understand it's here to make money. But please do not offer "Free Project Plans, your source for detailed drawings..." with a link to "buy" the full size plans. That's just wrong. I thought FW was above this type of deceptive advertising.

Re: Gothic African Mahogany Entrance Door

Nicedoor! What is the finish on the door?

Re: MIT Students and Professor Invent Handheld CNC Router System

I'm failry certain the GPS comment was a joke. :)

Re: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Woodcraft part ways

I might add, the staff at the Providence (actually east greenwich) store in Rhode Island are extremely helpful except for that one rather tall and large salesman who basically refused my request. It was not the first time I found him rude and yes, he is no longer employeed at that store. Or so it seems.
I will continue to shop there and purchase domestic or foreign made tools as I see fit to do so.
all else aside, the discount table has some really cool buys!

Re: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Woodcraft part ways

Lie-Nielsen was concerned about the service that potential customers received at the stores, where the tools were kept locked in a glass case and where, he says, store clerks were not always able to provide critical advice about how to choose and care for their products.

Yeah I never liked that you had to find an employee, have that employee locate the key, be allowed to touch but not be able to try the product. But, when the woodriver line arrived, Woodcraft had a floor model plane next to a piece of wood just waiting to be tried. So I asked if I could run a comparison with a LN plane. Nope was the answer. I left the store without a plane.

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