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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

WOW! What a prime example of too many lawyers without any legitimate work. Goes back to the old " What do you call the Titanic sinking with a full load of lawyers?"
ans: A damm good start!
If anyone wonders why insurance costs are so high, and why we are so disillusioned with our governing bodies, they are not tuned in to things like this. The guy should not be allowed to use new paper as he may cut his finger and sue the paper company. Why is Health insurance so high in the USA? Because idiots on juries award exorbitant sums to lawyers (they get most of it). Same scenario here. Too bad the guy got hurt, but perhaps one should know enough to keep your fingers out of the way (been there done that; dumb ass mistake. Maybe I can sue Sears for not coming out and adding the new technology to my 40 year old table saw!). Accidents happen, but most all were preventable; The majority are caused by inattention or stupidity on the part of the injured party.
I agree, the inmates are in charge.
Enough ranting.
Gee, I feel better already!!

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