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Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Craftsman Furniture Projects from the editors of Woodworker's Journal

I have been studying A&C furniture for some time now. Whats amazing is that this style has had such a long renaissance recently. Prices of true antiques in this group continue to rise and the popularity among new furniture enthusiasts is growing and growing.
Its so simple and functional but it has a great classic look to it that I think tastes are going to have to change drastically before the popularity of this furniture style starts to wane.
I would like to win this book because Kevin Rodel is one of my favorite contemporary A&C furniture makers. This would be an awesome Christmas present from Fine Woodworking.

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

This is a really interesting discussion! From the way I see it there are a couple of different issues here. First there is the issue of copying somebody's design or method of work, which I would think, needs to be protected by a patent. If there's no patent then there's probably no legal way to stop somebody from using a design for their own profit. There is, of course, the ethics that should be considered and I think that anyone who wants to use the plans and design beyond what the designer intended the use to be (for a hobbyist) then a request should be made to the original holder of the plans. Whats even more interesting is that if you purchased a plan to build a wooden boat from Wooden Boat Magazine, most of the plans that they sell explicitly state that the purchaser of the plan is entitled to build only one boat. I think that is a very interesting piece of the terms and conditions of purchasing plans from them. And I would hope that this doesn't happen with the plans from FWW.
I think we just need to follow a basic set of ethical guidelines and show respect for the original designers.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: The Encyclopedia of Wood

I would love to win this book. I am new to this hobby and trying to learn all that I can.

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