Software Engineer in beautiful Victoria BC, just rediscovering the joys of woodworking.

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Walnut Cradle

I built this project for our first child, due in about 5 1/2 months. That makes this the first project I've ever completed before it was needed :).I googled and searched LumberJocks for cradle...

Catrina Jewelry Cabinet

  Well this one took much longer to finish up then I ever expected. But it’s finally done. This was for my wife’s birthday (now 11 months ago). The entire piece is about 20” by...

Trestle Bench

This trestle bench was a piece I built at a local college woodworking course. The course was four full days so I took the time off work and spent the entire week working on this bench. nbspThe...

Small Sake box

I made this box as a gift for my mother.  It will be used to package a Sake set, but after that she can use it for whatever she likes.  Lacewood sides, birds eye maple for the top (and keys...

Knife Block

I originally learned of this style of knife block from this site. While reading the comments on his page I stumbled across this site (there are some nice pieces in there) and that was...

Arts and Crafts Scotch Cabinet

This cabinet was part of a night class in introductory woodworking hosted at a local college. I decided to add the door stop at the top and to use rare earth magnets in both it and the doors to...

Recent comments

Re: Jewelry Cabinet

that is stunning! thanks for posting

Re: Scotch cabinet

Nicely done, I hope you had a wee dram of the Highland Park to celebrate the completion of the cabinet.

Re: Neckties and Tablesaws Just Don't Mix

Well said Steve...sensationalist bovine excrement.
"...no official position on the proposed legislation"...yeah, sure.

Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

I love that we are starting to see the innovation that is being encouraged by the continued market pressure from the makers and supporters of Saw Stop. This is a great idea, add the technology to my existing saw guards. But I still want something that senses actual flesh to blade contact and stops that blade in the time it takes for 2 teeth to have contacted my skin. Guess I'm saying I want both...this latest idea to continue to keep my fingers from getting close (without damaging the blade) and a Saw Stop like system to be the fail-safe...the cost of the blade and the brake pad are irrelevant if my finger(s) have been saved. Also, check out the nearest construction site...tell my how many blade guards do you see in use?

Re: Fine Woodworking and the iPad

+1 davcefai, Apple puts out a device that's incapable of showing a huge share of online content, and then all the content providers have to expend resources to convert their content. I've been browsing sites, reading e-books and watching video on my various tablet pcs for over 10 years. Apple shows up late to the party, everyone is tricked into thinking it can do something new and content providers have to spend the time fixing the mess...nicely done Jobs.

Re: Trestle Bench

thanks, as for comfortable... the two seat slats are gently angled, giving the entire seat a bit of a cradle effect, which is much more comfortable than a flat seat would be.

Re: Beech Cabinet On Stand

This turned out excellent, you must be pleased. Beautiful piece.

Re: The Nest

Nicely done, I had the pleasure of seeing this one in person at the exhibition at the Collective Works Gallery.

Re: Small Sake box

Thanks Sharad, it was fun to make. It's about 9x6x3, finished with 2 coats of danish oil and 2 coats of poly.

Re: Chest sans Sides

Beautiful and original. I toured your site and you have some stunning pieces in there.

Re: Zebrawood Table

This is beautiful, I love the zebrawood. How many boards did you glue together for the top? It almost looks like just two bookmatched pieces.
I'm currently designing my own coffee table and end tables with very similar leg styles as you've got here. Again, beautiful piece, well done.

Re: Showcase Cabinet

I love this piece Clark. I thought it looked familiar but didn't realise that "clarkatron" was you until I read the blurb at the end. I've visited your site a few times over the last few months, you have some beautiful work there. I love the Banks St. Coffee table, and am taking some inspiration from the leg and top interaction.

Re: The Gadget Station

Nice, very nice. The contrast between the spalted maple and the bubinga is beautiful. I used to watch Leo on TSS every chance I got, looking forward to seeing the TWW episode where you present him with this piece.

Re: wall cabinet

Love the simple clean lines, beautiful choice of woods. Did you use knife hinges on this?

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