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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I'm a professional Carpenter, 3rd Generation, I lost 3 of my top digits on my right hand and split my thumb in half on my left hand during my apprenticeship on a table saw (Hence the nickname)(I quit years ago). Both times I was under pressure from the management/company I was working for due to time restraints (we all were / staff) working long hours with no breaks. (my first times experiancing a form of exploitation)(Also young and naive / wanted to impress)

Both times I was doing something stupid that I know I shouldn't have. So, a good combination for a prime so called
(preventive)accident. (tiredness and in a hurry) As well, I could of said no to the long hours. The last thing on my mind was to sue the owners of the company.

Of course these accidents have made me the safest professional on a jobsite or in a shop. As well my apprentices have learned from my short hand.

Since the 2 accidents (25 years), it has been impossible for another one to occur (unless someone from behind, beats me over the head with a 2 x 4)(I guess if that happens, I can now go and sue the lumber mill that the 2x4 came from)as I have learned to respect the equipment I use and the demands of my chosen career.

I know I don't know the circumstances of this particular lawsuit/accident, but something that does cross my mind are these economic times. A few fingers verses a million bucks. A bit of a gamble, but in the States, anythings possible.


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