Richard Jaouen, Casper, WY, US

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Harp Chair

I've loved this chair for years. This is a prototype. I maesured pictures and made 1/4" templates. Then I cut parts out of madrone and used the router and templates for final shape. When I got...

wave front drawers

This is a wave front chest to match wall decoration. It was made only with wood I had; mostly birds eye maple and figured cherry. waves were shaped on a band saw and then veneered with maple. Inlay...

Fokker DVIII wing

I had to include this project. This is a wing I helped build with Michael DeSanti. The airplane people didn't realize how beautiful a 40 foot varnished baltic birch wing really was. The wing is for a...

cigar box

box is claro walnut and maple with spanish cedar lining. The cigars are various exotics and burls turned and then dipped in shavings. 

Recent comments

Re: Ash and Tempured Glass Tables

I love the non traditional design. I'm sorry but I'm tired of oak secretaries and bombay chests. This is a functional and very interesting piece. Nice job.

Re: Dogwood Marquetry Cabinet

This is a real piece of art!

Re: Ark Desk

Great piece. Nice design and very nice exaction!

Re: Asymmetrical End Table

So much furniture today is a variation of the same thing: like a box for an end table. It's really refreshing to see someone thinking out of the "box". It looks great!

Re: Fokker DVIII wing

Michael DeSanti can be reached by phone. I'll e-mail the number to you if you will give me your address. The plane is part of the collection at LaFayette Foundation and Andy Parks may also be able to help. They have a web sight and address is 7507 WCR 39, Ft. Lupton, Co 80620. Phone 303-668-8044. They are very nice and helpful.

Re: Scrap Box

I like it! Do you have a picture of it open? I don't envy the judges. This is another winner.

Re: A box for a fisherman stuck at his desk

Great idea and super execution!

Re: Custom box

I want to see inside it. Do you have a picture with the top off?

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