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G&G End Table

I have always liked the design of the Greene and Greene furniture, especially the exposed joinery and features that add a special elegance to the pieces.  The routed indents on the bottom of the...

Cherry Coffee Table

Cherry with antique finish.  Bold, bandsawn legs, beveled glass top.

Shaker Candle Stand

Cherry Shaker Candle Stand with the "spider leg" design.  The leg design is "elegantly simple."  My favorite.

Greene and Greene Style Hall Bench

Cherry and curly oak Hall Bench in the style of Greene and Greene.  Ebony pegs, cloud lift rails, simple chisel carving accents.

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

Thanks for the offer. I enjoy woodturning. It is very rewarding to see piece of wood become a beautiful object. And, the finishing is a snap.

Re: "Ripple"

Beautiful design and workmanship. Thanks for the post

Re: Glory, thy name is Unifence

I have a JET cabinet saw with the Jet "Xacta" fence. I have used the saw for over 15 years including a 600 mile relocation of my entire shop. I do check the alignment occasionally and the only time I ever had to make an ajustment was after the move. (That was quite easy to accomplish) I appreciate the simplicity of this fence design and the ease at which various jigs can be designed and used. I have watched friends that have the Unifence and gain more appreciation for the Jet Xacta fence each time. I wondered when Delta would discontinue offering this fence and I guess I can stop wondering now.

Re: Chameleon Chest of Drawers, Display Case

How many combinations? 9 factorial is the answer - 362880

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