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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I regret any injury to anyone but to sue someone because Mr. Orsorio did not buy a SAWSTOP and the jury allowing this to me in Ridiculous.

It is in fact another step to the point that we as people are no longer responsible for our own actions and decisions. We will just blame the manufacture and use that for a reason not to pay attention to what we do.

When I began woodworking in the 9th grade we were shown a film that has stuck with me ever sense. The film was on SAFETY when using and/or operating items such as tablesaws. In this film there was an actor (John I believe) that was a real sloppy worker on the tablesaw leaving cutoffs just laying around the saw on the floor. One day "John" tripped over this cutoff pile while ripping a piece of lumber resulting in a vicious kick back that left the saw and drove completely through one of John's coworkers. The film discussed what would happen to someone's hand if that same saw got a hold of it. All of this was in LIVING COLOR and presented to a class of 9th graders.

The above film was shown to me in 1969 at Chastain Jr High School in Jackson, MS. To date I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs with no injuries due to any of my saws, Joiners, planer, router etc. How did I accomplish this? I have one very SIMPLE RULE, "If I am cutting, joining or other operations that require my person to be in the area of moving/spinning blades, then there is a PUSH stick or pad in my hand."

The reason I live by this is 1. I wanted to enjoy woodworking and 2. I wanted to enjoy life for there is never, even in this hurry up world we live in, a time that a piece of wood must be cut YESTERDAY. Most of the people that I have known in my life that lost a finger and this includes my own Father, will tell you that it happened, not because the saw did not have the TECHNOLOGY, but because the had a lapse in attention or was distracted resulting in the injury. This discussion is very much like that of Firearms, because, GUNS don't kill, People with the GUNS do.

As I said before I regret anyone getting injured, but a reward of 1.5 million dollars is unfair to the manufacture. Lawsuits like this would be thrown out as frivolous in my home state due to our Tort reforms 6 years ago.

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