Torbay, Newfoundland

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"Enchanted" A Wooden Gear Clock

This is a wooden gear clock I designed and built.  The clock was inspired by the work of James Borden.  It is a spring driven clock with a 6s compound pendulum.  I used a combination of maple and...

"Remonter": A wooden gear clock with remontoire

"Remonter" is a wooden gear clock with a remontoire and grasshopper escapement.  It was designed using ACAD and toolpaths created with Cut2D.  The complicated parts (ie gears, etc) were...

Wooden gear clock

This is a wooden gear clock that I recently designed.  All the gears are baltic birch plywood, The rest of the clock is made from walnut, birch, and maple.  All arbors and spacers are...

chest of drawers

This chest of drawers is my own design.  Built with yellow birch. It has dovetailed drawers, stretchers, and the mouldings around the sides slip onto a segmented dovetailed spline to allow for...

shaker inspired cherry hall table

This is a shaker inspired table I built for friends.  The table is made of cherry and has wenge beading around the bottom of the skirts.  The drawer is cut directly from the skirt and the...

Keep Sake boxes

Two keepsake boxes for my twin nieces.  the boxes are made from flame birch with a lacewood cover, wenge splined miters and a wenge lid lift. finished with satin poly.

5 drawer chest and blanket chest

5 drawer chest and blanket chest.  This is part of a bedroom set I finished several years ago.  The woods are pine, lacewood, wenge.  All frame and panel construction.  Some home...

shaker inspired dresser

Shaker inspired dresser with door.  Made from yellow birch.  It will be used for a change table for my daughter after she is born!  All techniques used to build the piece were taken...

reclaimed pine nightstands

These nightstands were made from 12" pine boards taken from and old built in clost organizer.  The legs/stiles are square pine spindles from a balcony railing we removed from our house.

chest of drawers

Shaker chest of drawers made from yellow birch.  My own design. with construction elements taken from many fww articles.  The case features large (2 1/2") box joints, dovetail keyed...

Recent comments

Re: Butcher block

Just beautiful. I'm sure it will take years of hacking if the owners dare take a knife to it. I think that I would feel guilty using a knife on this piece of art!

Re: A Simple Lift-Lid Box

love these small boxes. They are so curious. I really just want to open it to see whats inside!

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

A new workbench would be a great gift to put in my shop. Some accessories would be nice also...

Re: Keep Sake boxes

Hi fastcharger1965,

I don't have a plan for the boxes. The sides are made from 1/2" material, the lid is 1/2" thick lacewood. The box was made in a fashion similar to that presented in an article of Fine Woodworking #201. the lid was cut from the top of the box. Rather than hinge the lid, I cut mitered strips that fit inside the recess in the lid. rounded them over using a butt plane and sanded smooth before gluing them to the inside of the lid. This provides a lip to center the lid when placing the lid on the box. it's a pretty simple way to center the lid without rabbeting the box after the lid is cut off the box. It fits like a piston. if you drop the lid in place, you can see the lid slowly sink as air is pushed out of the box.

Re: Keep Sake boxes

I don't mind at all! It took me about 2 evenings to make the boxes. It took about 2 days to apply the finish.

Re: Corner Jewelry Cabinet


Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Never heard of those cookies...they look tasty...mmmmm....cookies...

Re: shaker inspired dresser

I'm not sure how to upload more images. I think the system limits 5. I can send you them by email if you wish...

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