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Re: Powermatic's Philosophy: Go Big, or Go Home

So here's the main question. Where IS the PM2800B? They said it would be available at year's end (2012). It's now mid-January 2013 and no sign of it anywhere (including PM's website). ???

I am awaiting it because the YouTube videos of a PM demo brag about the lack of vibration and noise. I wouldn't buy the original 2800 because of soooo many user reviews that complain bitterly about the irritating noise levels and vibration.

So what happened to the fix?

Re: Who needs a saw? Just blow up the next tree you need to fell

Wasn't the chain saw operator wearing mental hospital standard issue? Seemed like it to me. In any case it's appropriate. Leave to to Texans to find the worst possible way to do a task and then take pride in it. I'd say these guys are working hard to clean up the gene pool. Nice job guys! Keep at it - success is just around the corner.
Someone here remarked that the explosive was "stable" so chain sawing into it wasn't a problem. To that fellow I would ask: Would you be willing to provide the life insurance on the chain saw operator? I would, but only under the following conditions: Premium $50,000. Maximum payout for injury or death $25,000. Here's hoping these guys stay in Texas ... far, far away from me. Nuff said.

Re: Death at Yale University a Sad Reminder for Shop Safety Vigilance

We all agree it's terrible and very, very sad. We all need to keep our guard up all the time and this 'lesson' reminds us. But as to 'perfection': It's never going to happen. It has every appearance of an accident. If you want to be reminded of something you can truly do something about to protect your life .... get off your cellphone in the car and if you text while driving -- you know it's dumb. Stop it. We'll have one lathe fatality this year, we'll have thousands of cellphone deaths and some will be those who were killed by the ones texting. These are easily preventable deaths. There is no way in hell you can text and drive safely.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Count me in too. Sawstop is available to anyone who wants to pay for it. You want it, you buy it. You wanna buy cheap tires or not keep fire extinguishers in your kitchen -- that's your business. You wanna smoke or use drugs, that's your business. In all cases, you may be called upon to pay the piper. That's your business. But leave me out of it. I surely do not want to pay an additional few thousand dollars for a saw because somebody didn't take the time to be careful. He had a responsibility (that he could easily figure out) and chose to let his guard down. I'm really sorry for him ... but that's his problem. Don't make it mine.

Re: Fire Claims an Artist's Shop

To all those who have "better ideas" about where to donate monies: Please consider writing back after *your* shop has burned to the ground with all your paperwork, projects, pictures and tools gone. Completely gone. Nothing left but ashes. Then tell us how it feels to read others lectures on "how you should feel".
Good grief people ... one of the most emotional experiences anyone can have is a total-loss fire. The last thing in the world you'll need is a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks, sitting in their nice warm shops, blogging away with great expertise, about you and those of us who feel a need to help you, about how you "should be". Cork it!

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