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Re: Pull Leaf Table

Tommy Mac featured a draw leaf table on Rough Cut this past season, S04 E11 - "Draw Leaf Table." They spent some time showing how the sliding mechanism works.
I think my local PBS station listed it as "Pub Table" or something along those lines, though. You can find the full episode online on his website.

Re: Shop Talk Live 13: Where Christian Becksvoort is Shinin' on Me

I agree with Metsch. I love this podcast, but don't use iTunes, and I like to listen while I drive. Ed, I would love it if you could post the podcast itself to update via an RSS feed, which is how I do other podcasts on my android phone on the road.

Re: Shop Talk Live 8: Just a Splash of Water

Could you guys also stream the podcasts directly through the RSS feed? Right now, I have to get the article update through the RSS, then click to the article page, then click the stream link to play the mp3. It works, but it's clunky if I want to listen while I drive...

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