Dennis Campbell

Most of my working life I’ve been a service and repair technician. I trained in community college for manufacturing technology but the recession in the early 80’s kept me from exercising the skill. Now that my 4 sons are grown, I’ve rediscovered my passion for woodworking and have beginner to intermediate skills. I live in the Northwest

Gender: Male

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Re: Special Announcement - My Book on SketchUp

I have the book and find it very useful and a good guide. I have a question about the horizontial toolbars discussed in chp3. It indicates we learned how to do this in chapter 2. I re-read chap 2 several times and could not find it anywhere.
Some of the buttons are Scan,Cross section, Assembly, and Explode, among others. What did I miss?
Thamks so much for writing the book.

Dennis C

Re: Watch the preview of Tommy Mac's new woodworking show

Can't wait to watch it. It looks like I'll have to make room on my DVR to get it. I hope this will be a weekly program.

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