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Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

He summed up when he said he desired control. That is the nature of the nuts that try to exert influence in our lives. Why not allow us to purchase ebony and replant the forest? I understand that the period of growth is long, but that makes more sense than government "control". As it is this smells of too much influence. Also, it goes with the fact that some people run around and yell the sky is falling to get us to knuckle under to more "control". For that matter, just make the guitar out of plastics.

Then there is the concept of taking wood from the poor countries. I live in the South and the Japanese take our pines everyday. That is called business. We just replant the pines and oaks and anything else that it harvested.

At this point we have too much control, government interference, rules, regulations, taxes and everything you can name. So I can not be sympathetic to this cause.

Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

I think that you need to take a close look at the data being given by the CPS. Much of it is "speculation" based on real cases. Most of the cases incorporate lacerations and not loss of the digit, big difference.

Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

My problem with this is that I want the government out of my life. In addition, this guy is obviously trying to profit on his idea, that is wrong when you use the government to do so. Sure tablesaws are dangerous, but then so is everything else in a shop. If a tablesaw can be engineered to a safer concept, then I am for it. But not with government rules and not by Mr. Gass.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

As a doctor, I have some experience with lawyers and courts. This case will go to appeal and the verdict will be substantially reduced or thrown out. The reason for the verdict is you get a jury of your peers. Which happens to be anyone they can drag off the street and imprison for two days to two years on on jury. That makes you under the mercy of the lowest of the low in our society. Juries used to be one day in the box and hear six to twelve cases. That is what we need to go back to.

Also, consider that this will add $50 To $100 to the cost of your next tool.

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