Cincinnati, Ohio

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Re: Shop Talk Live 3: Diminishing Returns

Good show,
The light humor and the serious desire to help others is a good balance.
Thank you all for your effort, Dan Campbell

Re: Shop Talk Live 3: Diminishing Returns

Re: Jeff 's New Shop!

I am building a new garage/workshop which will be 24' x 48'. My woodshop will be 24' x 24'. I am waiting on building permits and associated variances; in the mean time I am researching and fantasizing about my shop set up. It seems to me that though some tools need to be stationary to avoid repeated realignment other could and should be reasonable portable for the best general usage of the shop space.
I am going to build a heavy woodworkers bench and I think an assembly table with small drawer underneath. I will be doing all the electrical work for the building and of course I will plan outlets and lighting well.

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