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Part time woodworker/hobbyist. Trying more for the woodworker part. Although the hobby does create lots of memories around the outdoor fireplace. Maybe that's why my wife encourages my woodworking???

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

If I fall down and bump my little nose, do I get to sue the earth? If a blue flashing light helps other drivers to see me should we be required to put one of those on all our cars then we would ALL have one. We all know that touching a high power electrical line is dangerous; if I touch one-who is being stupid, me or the power company?

I am being facetious here, but the point is where was his personal responsibility for his safety. By purchasing that equipment and using it he is responsible for the way he uses it. If he got his fingers close enough to the saw blade to injure them, he was not following correct safety procedures for any equipment. If he does NOT know how to use the equipment then it is up to HIM to find out how to use properly designed equipment, otherwise leave it ALONE. No one operates a backhoe unless they have been trained on it.

As my father use tell me when I persisted in something, LIVE AND LEARN JOCKO.

Oops, darn spilled my hot McDonald's coffee in my lap and burned myself. I think I'll sue them because they didn't tell me it was hot even though I've been shifting it back and forth between my hands because it is too warm to hold in just one hand.

And...Hey...if you are still reading this after all the previous entries, do like I did-GO MAKE SOME SAWDUST ON YOUR RYOBI TABLESAW. (Get up away from your computer-looking into the screen may ruin your eyes and your posture, contact your lawyer for advice).

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