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Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

This debate has been going on for some time in the Timber Framing industry. Some see CNC as the death of craftsmanship, others see it as relief from tedium (have you ever chopped 237 2x6 mortises by hand, one after another??).

CNC is another tool. It requires knowledge of wood and joinery techniques just as hand-work does. The software and machine setup are not trivial skills, but also require knowledge and hard work to be proficient at.

I've worked at CNC production in residential framing for over a decade now (timbers, logs, SIPS, stud framing...). I can design a furniture piece, then automatically get exploded diagrams, detailed piece drawings, and even CNC instructions (which I could use if I had my own machine). Disagree all you want, but I know in my heart that I am a craftsman.

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