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Re: Toolbox


Re: The Lazarus Handplane Co. Medium Hybrid Infill Smoother

oooooohhh... can I borrow it? I'll give it back. I promise. Do you buy them as a kit, or what? I really want to just reach through the computer screen and handle it.

Re: Guitar Stool

I'm jumping on the wanting to steal the design bandwagon. I often end up sitting on the front edge of my Limbert's armchair (like a morris chair) with the back of the body of my guitar banging away on the wooden arm rest. That's a nice looking guitar too.

Re: Teardrop

Let's see what's going on behind that big lift up door in the back!

Re: Dad's apprenticeship toolchest

There it is right there! The heart of a small woodshop... Tool cabinet, bench, clamps. All in reach. I would love to check out all of the chisels, screwdrivers and whatever else with the wooden handles. I dig the little block plane in the corner that doesn't appear to have a special place, maybe because that was his handiest tool.

Hils til din Far!

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

I consider the same issue when ever I visit a furniture store or check out furniture designs in magazines. On one hand I am always looking for ideas and on the other I don't think it is ethical to copy a design (especially to resell). I wish that I could afford many of the originals that I see, especially from Danish designers.

Re: New Purpose

Nice proportions. I especially like the top.

Re: Hanging Tool Cabinet

Now that really looks like you have exactly what one would need. Very Nice!

Re: Protect Your Lungs from Harmful Dust with a Dust Mask or Respirator

That's why God invented Festool tools.

Re: Tool Chest

Thanks for the feed back fidgen. I would agree SCMedLion.

Re: Tool Cabinet

Now that's really a tool chest! I wish that I had your colection of tools. Would love to have that set up in my shop.

Re: Marquetry tool cabinet

Yeah. Let's see it open

Re: Plane cabinet

Looks cool. Kind of Tansu-esque

Re: Tool Chest

I was also curious if you made that plane yourself?

Re: Tool Chest

Wow! Is that ever a neat design! I'd like to see it open. What is the little piece of wood coming off the front at the bottom? The lid design, surface clamps and handle are great. Do the clamps on the back get in the way? Could they have been more horizontal? Could you slip in a framing square at the back? I like it's unique look.

Re: The Ultimate Mobile Base?

Couldn't say it better myself. Having gone from a cabinet maker to a construction carpenter to a general contractor to a furniture maker, I can really appreciate all aspects of Wally's efforts. Thank you for sharing it.

Re: Tablesaw techniques I wouldn't recommend

Other than using the miter gauge with the fence (how did it not kick back?), it wasn't the stupidest thing that I've ever seen. Seems he could have used a cord for the starter motor, like one to start a lawnmower, and then I think that I would have hung the bucket from the board.

I'm glad that I had high school wood shop to learn shop safety. Our shop teacher would throw a block of wood at you if you did something unsafe. Of course that was also dangerous, but everyone in the class got the point.

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