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Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

So far, I've had no injuries in my shop. My friends and I 'grew up' using the cheap, crappy tools we could afford at the time, and as such were more cautious of them and their limitations than we might have been in a shop bedecked with the latest-and-greatest. We hardly ever get complacent, and often pantomimed the more precarious setups before plugging the tool in to make sure we knew what we were about to do and where each of our hands would be at all times.

While I admit to doing some things without the PPE I should, even those times I still try to be very cognizant of possible kickback trajectories, safe zones, blade paths, etc. I intend to enjoy this hobby for a long time and not ruin my enjoyment of everything else.

If I could afford a SawStop AND it was the best tool for my projects, sure I'd get it, but I'd still use all the push sticks and safe techniques I do now. Sadly, the SawStop price is several times higher than I can afford for a single tool when a little free prevention and cheap push sticks have been just as effective in keeping my hands away from harm rather than limiting the harm they would endure.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This is absurd!! Why not sue every single car manufacturer out there for not including alcohol detecting technology to stop cars if the driver is too wasted to operate the vehicle. After all, that technology has been around for yeas, and apparently it's good enough for arrests and convictions based on the results. That would save far more innocent lives than SawStop will save guilty fingers. Or maybe we should insist that every tool get this technology, from drills, to sanders, to planers, to jointers, to chop saws, to hand saws, to chisels, to clamps, to hammers, to...

No wait, I got it, let's include IDIOT DETECTION TECHNOLOGY

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