Cory Mickelson, grass valley , CA, US

I set up my first shop January 2012, in an abandoned chicken coop. Began with only hand tools and built quit a few things, learned quiet a lot going that route but as I grow further into the craft I have really learned to appreciate quality machinery during certain steps of any given project. I am now in an even smaller shop than the first but some how making it work.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 06/12/1985

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My "learning table", cherry hall table

The "learning table" I've named because I tried to incorporate something new to me during every step of this project. This is the first table I have built. It's also my first experience with...

Cherry bookcase with "floating" top

This is my first woodworking project I designed myself. Its cherry for the main carcase, pine ship lapped back, and an oak top dyed black. This was my first venture into knife hinges, which went...

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Re: UPDATE: Honing and Setting Jointer and Planer Knives by Hendrik Varju

I have never been satisfied with any sharpening service and would appreciate information on bettering there sharpening results and jointer/planer set up as well. I have heard Hendrik Varju to be extremely thorough in all his DVDs. Looking forward to this one.

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