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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

In 1980 I received a serious head injury from incorrectly using a radial arm saw. Was it the mfg'ers fault that I used it incorrectly? No way!! It was totally my fault. I didn't even contact the mfg to inform them of my stupid use of their product. I use many power tools daily, including a Rigid TS3650 table saw, and believe me when I use it I take safety very seriously. I still have all 10 fingers, and haven't had a injury from using a power tool since the one in 1980. This includes just about every tool you can imagine in residential construction, and since I like making sawdust so much, this extends to power tools used for hobby woodworking. The jury screwed up on this case. Make your power tool purchases now before the prices start going up.

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