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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I have to bring this article back to life because what's happening now is scary business: When Congress gets involved, it's going to cost us all.

The "gentleman" (and I use that term very loosely now) that invented SawStop technology has apparently hired himself some lobbyists to get Congress to pass legislation that would require all table saws to have his technology. I am a capitalist through and through but I, for one, will NEVER buy a table saw with his technology if he intends to hold the industry hostage.

I started using table saws when I was 10. The very first thing my dad said before we even turned it on was "KEEP YOUR G__ D___ FINGERS AWAY FROM THE BLADE!". I take that advice to heart EVERY time I turn on a saw. If you can't keep your fingers out of the blade, it's not the saws fault! Accidents happen and they are unfortunate but this is a typical knee-jerk reaction to appease the VERY MINISCULE population of those who probably shouldn't be using a table saw in the first place.

I personally believe that table saws would be safer WITHOUT safety devices. They cause the users to become complacent. The machine is not going to save you from your own stupidity.

I know the table saw manufacturers have plenty of lobbyists on their payroll and I hope they can manage to have this turned around. It could put table saws out of the reach of the average buyer which would affect the industry and economy.

I hope the people at Fine Woodworking also get involved to get this stopped. It's really a shame what this guy is trying to do.

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