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Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

I've found over the years that a lot of folk like the idea of having a hand made piece of furniture in their home and would boast that it was hand made for them, but are not prepared to pay for the time it takes to produce the item, therefore it makes sense to use machines, isn't this what we call progress?
As for making a jig....why not...jigs were not invented in recent years......they should be looked upon as an aid as indeed they are.
I served my apprenticeship with some very fine carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers, we restored antiques as well. We were encouraged to think of ways to make the job easier and quicker without loosing quality.
I'm all for using routers, chop saws, dove tail router jigs and battery drills and screwdrivers, air piners etc.
I'm in my 70's now and make model R/C boats.....I hate to think how many jigs I've made over the years....or how many more I'll make before I pop off.

Re: My Workbench

A lot of thought and effort have gone into producing and excelent bench and tool box combination.
Well done.

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