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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It should be enough for manufacturers to put big red warnings on their equipment. I took college classes in woodworking and they make it very clear you can get hurt or even killed by improper use of machines or tools in woodworking. Anyone who can't figure that out when that blade starts up shouldn't be using the equipment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a person get out of the way around a chain saw, why should any of the other tools need expensive safety factors built in. The guy didn't research his products well enough. Someone should counter sue him for his ignorance. Table saws ARE one of the biggest injury offenders, but a large warning should be good enough, not a remake of the product. People are too eager to make their money through lawsuits instead of brains.

Re: Louis XIV Boulle' Collectors Cabinet

Very wonderfully detailed. It's like a group of small models in a work of art. Makes it hard to decide who should win. If fine tiny detail is the factor, you have it here. Very well done and beautiful.

Re: New England Bonnet Top Secretary

Very beautiful, exquisite. Fine work. Impressive.

Re: Piecrust Tea Table

I've seen other tables similar to this, but I think yours is much more detailed and well done. Beautiful work.

Re: Newport Style Bureau

Mike, I was suprised to see your chest of drawers here, but actually not. I have been impressed from this piece ever since you made it and seeing it again is just inspiring me to keep going. I remember the carving class we had and you taught us all the simple shell. Your work is beautiful. And this time in pictures I saw the dovetails on the back of the feet, I am REALLY impressed. The only people that would ever see that are the movers, but you did it anyhow. Good luck and we'll see you around. Beautiful.

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