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Re: Tool Chest with an Arts & Crafts Legacy

I watched the video through once in order to get an overall feeling and perhaps determine some form of impact on me and compare it to work that I do in my small but humble shop.

I then watched the video again, but this time to guage and apprececiate more fully the skill and patience that went into the making of the tool chest.

Trully a craftsman is all I can add.

Re: Broken power tool: Junk it or fix it?

Would be nice for some enterprising individual to develop an interface that would allow the use of different battery packs to fit and operate the sme drill.

In my case I have 3 18V drills from different manufacturers/suppliers with dead NiCad batteries. I did research the possibility of getting the NiCad cells in the battery pack replaced/repaired but found that by the time one pays for shipping and repair costs, it was not worth it. Now I have three drill bodies and no batteries but too self-conscious of junking the drill bodies. How would one do that without the body going to landfill?

The batteries were returned to large business concerns that offer recycling boxes.

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