Porrentruy, Jura, CH

Gender: Male

Birthday: 03/11/1986

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My new Little tool chest

I designed and builded this small tool chest specially for travelling... I intend to go to America in a wooden boatbuildind school, that is the reason why I need a light tool chest witch I can send...

computer "desk"

builded for holding a computer during an exibition...

coffee cupboard

made for holding a coffee machine...

dressing room

I personally don't really like melamine.... Mostly because for me that's not what I call woodworking.. Nevertheless, I did this dressing room and this kitchen for a friend who leaves in Botswana...

tool chest

I've made many tool chest in my life... The problem is that I can't make the right one... Or they're too heavy 0r they're too small. Or they're impractical... I'm so tired of it that I think my next...


one door



if you like geometry

This is a saw horse model... every joint are different...

stairs from switzerland ( my work)

my job... 2 stairs

bathroom furniture

furniture for toilet

Recent comments

Re: jewellery case

I love it!

Re: if you like geometry

c'est exact, il s'agit d'un exercice de compagnon. Mais charpentier pas ébéniste.

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