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My First Table

Readers will recognize this Arts & Crafts Side Table (Product #011056).  It is my first table, “upcycled” alder from sets of shelves.  I see its flaws but my granddaughter...

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Re: Radical Conversions: Creating Woodshops in Surprising Spaces

These are wonderful. Can't yet say which one I would most like to be in, but compared to my shared garage they all seem like good dreams. More, please.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

Design and build. Pictures inspire my imagination but actually designing challenges me. This book should be useful. Thank you.

Re: Walnut slab and white oak dining table

The base makes this table for me. Swooping curves with feet planted firmly. It is spectacular. I'm trying to imagine how you designed the connections. More photos? Also watched your video on the Mad Dog table. Great design again, and more utilitarian for these users. Thanks for including delivery and setup shots. Congratulations.

Re: AWFS Tool News: Say Goodbye to Numb Hands from Sanding

Too late. I recommend the Dewalt D26456: it is the quietest, cleanest ROS I've used. I bought a Bosch, used it once and returned it before it could work me to death. This model of the Dewalt fits the hand. It is lightweight and easy to guide. HD, Lowe's and Ace only stock cheaper models. This one is about $100. Maybe Bosch should rethink its price for this new model?

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I am shopping for a table saw. What impresses me about SawStop is that it works, that it can be triggered by things other than wieners and fingers such foil, that it prices me out of the market for a new saw. What impresses me about the discussions of the issue is that every "expert" downplays the cost differential for installing the brake and completely ignores the very substantial cost / waste of replacing the brake and blade, preferring to play up the high cost and trauma of accidents. I would like to have this technology but it costs too much.

Several previous comments voice reverence for free markets and disdain for government. My view is that the best role for government is to encourage competition. Adopting one technology as the standard is not the best way to make all saws safer. Business will not respond unless there is competition, and even then responses may miss the mark. Example: riving knives that are thicker than the thin-kerf blades I like to use. Whoever produces riving knives has not responded to that market signal.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Thank you, jurors. Your sense of justice should soon depress the price of used saws so I can buy a good one. Seriously, I expect this judgment will be overturned. If the equipment was dull or unsafe this should be an OSHA issue, unless the user is the owner.

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