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Re: UPDATE: Finishing Wood from Fine Woodworking

Like many, I change beautiful unfinished pieces into just nicely, but not beautifully finished pieces. Each tip to eliminate a finishing problem, brings my project closer to the perfection woodworkers strive for..

Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

The government has way too many safety regulations. They require interstate highways to have guard rails near steep drop offs and on sharp turns. Drivers should be responsible for staying on the road. Collapsible steering wheels are also required. If I want to run off the road, go over a cliff, or impale myself or rupture my Aorta, that is my business. This safety stuff costs us all a lot of money. And why do I need safety glass in my aluminum door. If I want to slam the door and large shards become deadly missles, that is my business. How hard is it not to break a large pain of glass. And why do I have to go the expense of buying cribs with rails so narrow that infants heads can't pass between. This adds to the cost, and I can take care of my own kids. Actually very few kids were choked to death each year before these regulations, and in almost all cases, it was due to the avoidable negligence of caretaker. Another thing, all power tools are double insulated. If I am so stupid as to get my feet damp, I deserve to be electrocuted. It is getting so safe I just don't feel the need to think any more. And what about phones in elevators. If I am worried about getting stuck for a few measly hours, I can just take the stairs. It's my choice. And my kids don't need fireproof pajamas that prevent them from burning to death. I will just make sure they don't get near a flame. My kids, my responsibility. And oh, I really miss the unpadded metal dashboards we had as years back. They were great to crack peanut shells against. How stupid can the goverment be, to increase our product costs just to try to protect us from injury, maiming, and death. This should be a matter of personal responsiblility. I could go on and on and on. Shortly after the industrial revolution you really had to think. Death and injury was in every corner. We were a much smarter nation back then, we had to stay alert to stay alive. Now the government tries to make every nincompoop and dullard able to avoid injury from any carelessnes, incapacity or neglect. Preventing us from cutting off our hands is just the latest lame safety effort. In China, you can any of these products with NO SAFETY DEVICES required. They produce things a lot cheaper than we do. And I really like the quality of cheap Chinese tools. You can't beat the price. I miss the good old days.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

OK Tiptoe Fabulico, you managed to demonstrate not only overt racism, but a startling lack of legal knowledge as well.
Let's start with you ignorant belief that a white Anglo-Saxon has any more intelligence than any other person of any race or nationality. Some of our top end tools come from the non English speaking Europe. Who knows the race of the engineers who developed them, or for that matter, the race of American Engineers who developed our best tools. The blame lies more with the lack of training his employer provided than with the injured worker. How many people, when instructed to do something by the boss, especially in this economy, will refuse. The fact that so many EXPERIENCED woodworkers have industrial accidents is testament that any momentary inattention or neglect can remove a hand.

Second, the courts didn't fall over themselves, this case was heard by a jury of AMERICAN CITIZENS, and then affirmed by an appellate court, most likely composed entirely of White Anglo-Saxon Americans. Speaking Spanish or Swahili, had zero to do with this incident.

Your ignorance of American Law continues with the ridiculous statement that he initially failed in an attempt to SUE workman's Compensation. Most high school graduates know that Worker's Comp benefits are provided automatically to every injured worker. You never have, nor can you now, sue your own employer. These laws were instituted throughout the United States about 100 years ago, providing automatic medical coverage IN EXCHANGE FOR giving up the right to sue an employer. Such suits are not possible.

Finally, it was not some ambulance chaser who took his case. If you had understood the article you read, you would have realized that it was corporate America who brought this case. Read again SLOWLY, and sound out the words. The insurance company, no doubt through silk stocking BMW chasing lawyers, was the Plaintiff. They sued to get back the medical benefits they had been required to pay automatically to the injured worker. Try looking up the word SUBROGATION before your become a legal spokesman. This award went to some multi billion dollar insurance company like Allstate, or Liberty Mutual.

The only part of your post that is accurate, is that it is stuff like this that makes me ashamed of America. No doubt, not too far back in your family tree, was a non English speaking immigrant, who took on the most difficult of manual labor, in order for you to have a life in America. Your name does not sound too Anglo Saxon to me, unless you just changed it because you like the Latin lilt your name now has. No doubt, it America that is ashamed of you.

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