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Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

"Hand Made" has been high-jacked just like "Organic" or "All Natural". We all live in a "buyer beware world" and always will. The phonies, fakers, and snake oil salesman will always find a way to misrepresent what they're selling and it is always contingent upon the buyer to perform the due diligence to understand what you are buying. Sam Maloof mass produced a pile of rocking chair parts in the last days of his life for his crew to complete after his passing. Genuine Sam Maloof, fraud or just splitting hairs? We're not talking mass produced CNC parts form IKEA!.
From a formally trained perspective, this jig is nothing more than training wheels. Sure you can get up and look like your riding a bike but as long as the trainers are on, but most would agree you're not really riding the bike! .
Get rid of the training wheels to start the lesson because falling down is how one learns to ride.

Re: Time to end the hand vs. power battle

The debate is not just in the hands of the maker, it has more to do with value. One must consider what a willing buyer would pay for a hand made, tool marked imperfect piece vs. a mill-finished / 800 grit sanded out piece?
Evidence of "handcrafted" is as important as the design to many. Antique buyers reject perfection, some would say the mark of production. I am formally trained, and own all the big machines, but make and sell handmade because thats what is in demand.

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

Have a look at the Powermatic Ad photo top right this page. See any safety issues?

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

The market is speaking regardless of California.

In the USA where consumers want cheap turn of the 19th century style table saws, Sawstop is currently out selling all other brands 20 to 1.

So, I find it very amusing that on the one hand the woodworker community's primary calling card espouses quality handmade one-off workmanship vs. mass produced junk from the Asia. But on the other hand and to the contrary, a large proportion of them are outraged that they may lose their supply of cheap quality mass produced tablesaws.

This is a typical theme in America today. Lots of opinion that falsely claims our freedom are being lost to the over legislated leftists! Rather than intelligent debate on the issues.

Re: UPDATE: Deadline extended again for tablesaw safety comments to the CPSC

We had a hundred years of cars driving down the road without the benefit of safety belts, pre-tensioners, and airbags. But once they were developed and proved to work they became mandatory in all cars around the world. Remember, there wasn’t a single air bag in a European made car until the 90’s. So, just because you drove your old car without safety features for years without an accident, and we all know safety features on cars don’t prevent all tragedies, we also know safety features do save lives. So, I say keep your old saws and do what you want with them. BUT all new table saws should be as safe as they can be with proven technology. An extra blade and cartridge a couple of times a year is far cheaper than what society is paying for when so many need reconstructive surgery, physical therapy, vocational retraining and alike. Men and families have been destroyed by saw accidents. So, have an opinion and share it after you educate yourself.

Re: Appeals court upholds Osorio tablesaw verdict: Feds consider landmark safety standard

I got my first tablesaw (contractor 9" Delta-Rockwell) for X-mas in 1973 when I was only 12 years old. Grandfather was a Master carpenter and was trained in Sweden in furniture making starting in 6th grade - showed me lots. I learned the right way and I currently only crosscut with my tablesaw (10" GEN 350-1) with a home built sled(Gary Rogowski designed). My 18" or 15" Bandsaw rips everything else.I have been a GC all my life and have extensive home woodworking shop, and haven't had an accident yet!


Who's next in sweepstakes? How about Home Depot and Lowes and every other re-seller's liability insurance when selling table saws to Novices without training? They have some liability now.

You can rent all kinds of dangerous equipment but the major rental companies make sure you're trained before they turn you loose. Can't buy an airplane and take out for spin and teach yourself to fly either.

So, I say make the equpment safe for novices (stop the bitch'en) or take them of the market unless and sell only to properly trained license holders.

Re: Huge advances in woodworking technology

Wow, lots of ego driven comments to justify low end bench top planers. Why are so many readers offended by a great improvement in wood working technology? These kinds of improvements are rare and happen infrequently. Be happy knowing that when your little bench top machine designed for portability and roughly 1000 hours of use is finally ready for the recycling pile you’ll have some great options.

Re: Surprise landing: Stanley's new Sweetheart chisels have arrived

This is a woodworkers site not a political platform. Having said that the facts are...
Germans are the highest paid Labor force in the free world; Germans have the lowest unemployment in the free world;
Germans work a 30 hour work week;
AND Germans pay extremely HIGH TAXES, twice the average American;

This flies in the face of the high tax theory.

Their success is MADE IN GERMANY! Not high taxes.

This high tax red hearing is the battle cry of right wing extremists backed by greedy corporations.

If the cash goes offshore it benefits the corporations offshore.


Re: Surprise landing: Stanley's new Sweetheart chisels have arrived

PS: The Bailey Chisels in the Amazon link are not 750 socket chisels. They appear to be "Tang" style.

Re: Surprise landing: Stanley's new Sweetheart chisels have arrived

To all in the market for a great bench chisel set. Buy a full set Lie-Nielsen's and a couple of long handles for parring. You don't need offshore Stanley, but we do need to support our friends at LN. I look at tools as a life-time purchase or to business freinds a capital expenditure. My Architect Father always said " the best and forget the rest...." This moto has never failed me. He learned well from my Grandfather whom by the way could have bought an offshore tractor but bought the more expensive John Deere...and it still serves our family well.

So, please ladies and gentlemen, forget about cheap and build yourself a great set of tools for life and help re-build a great nation.

Re: Help us design a workbench for power-tool lovers

Don't forget the gas and oil for the chainsaw...

Re: Free Download: Building Doors and Drawers

Perfect? CNC machines have trouble achieving perfect...

Re: Play Against the Grain: The Wrong Way to Rip

What about the ring? I believe a critical mistake the game missed is the ring on the finger. Many fingers have been detached due to accidental catches on running equipment. Standard OSHA polices require that all jewelry (rings, necklaces, watches, braclets etc.)must be removed while operating any piece of equipment or tool. A ring can easily catch a sliver / splinter and unexpectantly pull the board back...ouch!

And dude where are the carharts?

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