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Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

The use of jigs is integral to woodworking. Go to the Williamsburg cabinet makers shop one wall is covered with jigs. What if your dovetails had been laid out on a curve? They could have been cut by hand on a line but the line would have been scribed with a jig especially if making several was in the books. Most shops would prefer making multiple copies to reinventing the wheel at every contract.
Let the guy walk off. He probably uses filler on his dovetails. What is putty? A jig in a can!

Re: Get Ready to Cut Some D'uhvetails

What a waste of time. Please don't waste wood on making papaer to print this pile of crap.

Re: Broken power tool: Junk it or fix it?

Some power tool fixes are more practical than others. Dead batteries on an otherwise functional tool are readily fixed. The replacement cells are usually better than new. Perhaps your survey, without getting too long and complex, should reflect this.

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