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My New Shop

July of 2009 my shop burnt and now I have a new shop. Thank God for insurance. The fire solved a lot of minor issues and I got to build what I wanted this time. I went form 7'6" ceiling to 10...

small shop

I created a shop and then is was gone so not shop

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

Thanks for the chance to have one. I will put it to good use.

Re: UPDATE: Turning Toys with Richard Raffan

Looks like a great book. Just in time for Christmas.

Re: UPDATE: Wood Bender's Handbook by Zachary Taylor

Would love to have a copy, Thanks for the chance.

Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

Sign me up. Looks great!

Re: UPDATE: Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac by Tommy MacDonald and Laurie Donnelly

I could use this, sign me up.

Re: Tablesaw Safety Around the Clock

All I have to do to stay safe is look at my left thumb. In 1984 I reached behind the blade to hold down a chattering thin rip and in a split second lost the last 1/2" of it. It is a vivid reminder for me and others I teach. I've never seen saw stop test that one.

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

thanks for give away. Hopefully it will come to me.

Re: Play Against the Grain: One Lazy Latheman

Thanks for doing this now and then. I'm glad Safety reminders are part of what you do. Someone below stated that this was just common sence, but common sence isn't very common any more. I was a woodworker for 10 years, got lazy one day and ran my thumb backwards through the table saw. Keep it up.

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Fine Woodworking 2011 Annual Collection

Thanks for the giveaway. Sign me up.

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

Please let me win. Lost all my back issues in my shop fire.

Re: UPDATE: Using and Tuning Your Bandsaw by Hendrik Varju

Rebuinding my melted library would be good.

Re: UPDDATE: Shop Improvements: Outstanding ideas from the world's finest woodworkers from Fine Woodworking magazine

Thanks for the give away! My shop burnt in July of 09' and I'm just this week end building my first project. All my books were lost in the fire, so I sure could this one.

Re: Fine Woodworking On the Road: Come out and see us

With Maine being the 41st state in population and over a forth of your outings being there, does this reflect your readership balance? If so, Maine must have a lot of woodworkers.

Re: Fitting drawers to a crooked table

Thanks for the great tip. I noticed the base for your table is the hay rake design that was a dining room table a while back. Is this a different piece or another piece of the same design? If another piece, what is it and will you show us the finished piece? Thanks again.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wharton Esherick Studio & Collection

I'm trying to build my library back up after my fire last year. This book would be a great addition. Thanks for giving it away. (to me I hope)

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