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Re: My Favorite Woodworking Documentary of the Year

A wonderful reminder as to what real people are all about. Yes, those people who shower after a days work...they're the the ones who put the great into this world.
An inspiration, a true man and powerful spirit.....
reincarnation...? Not for Eric, his work here is done, he will be moving on to a higher level...where the good folk go...!! Thanks Eric

Re: Better than your vintage vinyl collection?

I have heard a lot worse, under the guise of being contemporary music....I could listen to these tunes quite comfortably.....!!

Re: Life, Death, and Sawdust

Wow....anybody got a tissue....?
All credit due.....

Re: The Ghostly Woodworker

Brill'...Brill'....congratulations. Question: With the camera so close to the work, how did you cope with the dust contaminating your equipment...??

Re: UPDATE: In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker by Darrell Peart

A style of furniture making that allows the true craftsman to shine through.....!! Many of us will aspire to....!!

Re: UPDATE: Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards

I have been making bespoke furniture for 17 years without a days unemployment and a full diary 'till Christmas...all my preliminary drawing is "pencil on beermat" stuff followed by a thorough line drawing from a draughting board.
I'm worried that I'll be slipping behind the times, so trying to get involved in 'SU'...bought and downloaded video, but couldn't open files. Have taken professional guidance on 'un-zipping' recieved folders...If this is my level of 'IT' skills, I think I'm going to be in trouble...?
Looks like it's back to the "quill and parchment", thanks anyway...!!

Re: Test Your Woodworking IQ

Ignoring the Americanisms (that nobody this side of the pond understands), this lad did good. Great fun and already looking forward to the next.
When will you guys get with it and go can anybody get 3" from 12/4 ???

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