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Contemporary Crib

Contemptoray crib based on Land of Nod's "Andersen" Collection. Built as a gift for my college roommate and his wife.

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My dining room chairs were rescued from the local train depot when if closed. They're a dead match for the oak dining room table I made in high school, so that was an added bonus. I've had to refinish 3 of them, but was careful not to remove all the signs of age or the sweet AT&SF stamp on the bottom of the seats.

My grandfather worked for the Santa Fe rail road for several years (most of them at the aforementioned depot), so it's very cool to have them at my table. And to think of all the people they saw off on vacation, college, or return home from a war... Let's say they'll always have a place in my home.

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Very cool design. I'm currently building a crib with a jute webbing frame for my college roommate and his wife. Cheers!

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I've been trying to hone my commenting skills, but I think my stones a little dished... fingers crossed

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I wear a old denim apron when milling parts to keep the majority of the dust off me. I don't carry any "tools" in it per say, with the exception of my dust collector remote. The biggest plus for me is the warmth denim provides in my unheated garage (southwest Kansas.) I'm hoping for one the fine denim models Mr Offerman sells will finds its way under the Christmas tree this year.

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