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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

It amuses me that people like old guy with all his fingers have bought a Ryobi and then applaud this lawsuit.

How much did you pay for your Ryobi table saw? I see them at Home Depot between $100 and $220.

The Sawstop Contractor model is $1499.00.

Ryobi is in the low end tool business, they are making them as cheap and feature free as possible, so people like YOU can afford them.

If this lawsuit holds, what do you think the licensing cost that Gass is going to offer his technology at? Every manufacturer will have three choices: 1. license from him at a price that's not going to hurt his own sales (so expect prices of the cheapest table saws to be the same as the cheapest Sawstop) 2. stop making table saws 3. try to make an end run around the patent, get sued, not be able to provide products for 10 years while the lawsuit gets worked out.

Now, if you are stupid enough to applaud this lawsuit, have you gone the next step to realize that a circular handsaw can feature this technology? Ready to pay $1500 for your handsaw? What about every other power tool that you have that can potentially injure you?

That's why this is stupid. This is a market killer.

This is why Gass is happy about the lawsuit, because consumer choice just dropped overnight: it's buy from Gass or nobody. He just got awarded a *MONOPOLY* on power tools.

The last comment is for the jerks who immediately want to paint this as a liberal/conservative issue. I don't know why you guys have to knee jerk into every single thing on the planet and turn it into a political football. I am far from being conservative, and I think this is a terrible, terrible thing with far reaching consequences. So please don't point the finger at us.

This is a very stupid jury who has no idea what a table saw is. They think that this customer got sold a dangerously defective product. If you want to blame someone, blame the idiot who didn't know how to use it, and blame the lawyers that were smart enough to convert his stupidity into $1.5 million.

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