My 35 years experience in woodworking as an enthousiastic hobbyist must be shared. I don't want to die with my knowledge. That’s what my website is all about.



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Shopmade 12" Disk Sander

  Best, My disk sander is completed and ready to use. That's a great tool. All I needed was scraps, a 1/4 HP electric motor, a pulley, an...

Miter Saw Acute Angle Jig

I’ve been thinking about making this jig for years. Since nice weather has arrived I have to make a picket fence. All slats will end to a sharp point, meaning I have to cut them at an acute angle. I used to do that on the tablesaw but each time I got several cutoffs flying around my head. No more !!!

Shopmade Spindle Sander

Material required: 3/4'' MDF, electric motor 1/4 HP, switch and electric wire, screws and glue, drum sanding kit and a motor shaft adaptor (from Lee Valley (68K0501, 68k0202, 68Z0201). I bought the...

Shopmade Clamp and Assembly Worktable

As a woodworker I always look for fast and easy methods of work. Over the years I realized that I spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks like clamping and unclamping workpieces I'm working on. I sat down to design a clamping station that would help saving time when building projects that involve lots of clamping/holding. I came up with this very unique and satisfying version of a clamp worktable, made right here in my shop, using material from my sheet goods scrap pile. I designed it so I could use my collection of ordinary and fast action vise clamps meant to be used at the drill press.

Scraptacular Bin

I couldn't resist to share where I keep my cutoffs before they become parts of my projects. Here, even if I used few scraps, I also used a full sheet of 3/4" plywood.

Long Reach Drill/Driver

Here are two shopmade long reach drill/drivers ready to help and work hard to drill or drive in hard-to-reach tight and narrow spots.

Workshop Tongs or Blind Nailing/Screwing Jigs

How many mistakes are made and how much time is spent taking mesurements to locate exactly where to drive nails or screws, or drill a hole from behind ? For a shelf, a bracket, a door pull, a...

No More Tipping Trim Router

Trim routers are great tools, but the base is so narrow that they have the tendancy to tip over when milling edges. While one hand holds the router itself and steers, there is not much room to grab...

Upgraded Mitersaw Station - Times 3 - Times 16

This is how I have upgraded my mitersaw station. Made out of 3/4"-thick MDF, this 16 drawers 8'-long X 18"-deep X 8"-high nest raise up the station at a confortable height for my 6' tall person...

Storage Chest

Finally the storage chest I started in November is completed and was delivered this morning to my youngest daughter for her 30th birthday. She was very happy. If you want to see the whole process of...

Shaker Wall Mirror

16-1/2"-wide by 54"-long. I made three of them for my house. 3/4"-thick MDF - Biscuit joinery. Two coats of paint, two coats of satin poly.

Shopmade D-handle Router Base

Inspired by Carol Reed's design, this D-handle was easy to build with 3/8''-thick Plexigass and a shopmade handle copied from a handsaw. Plexiglass is easy to mill with any woodworking power tools...

Horizontal Router Table

I meant to built a horizontal router table for a long time to mill sliding dovetail tail boards, raised panels with vertical router bits, tenons, and profiles on edges of wide boards, all that flat...

Elegant Tapered & Splayed Legs Table

The top and legs are made out of red oak, the aprons are made out of white oak while the cockbeads are walnut. The top is under beveled.

Recent comments

Re: Shopmade 12" Disk Sander

Thank you for your comments.

@timbit2006: I made mine as accurate as possible and I'm very satisfied. I believe they make them out of cast iron so anyone out there could jump or climb on them!

@Jake319: I purchased the motor mount from Lee Valley, item #06K12.01

@EdsShop: 1/3 hp motor will be great. Mine is 1/4 hp.



Re: Shop-Made Marking Gauges Simplify Layout

I like the idea. This is a great time saver. I'll make a bunch of them according to my needs. Thanks.

Re: Router Injury Sparks Reflection on Safety

Sorry about this bad experience. I'm glad the "damages" were limited. Accidents do happen, but we don't know when. Such routers are capricious, reason why I design this extended base.

Take care and stay alert!


Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

According to me, MDF, as all other materials, has its own challenges and its own limits. But, for someone who is open to new opportunities, new experiences, and I must add new excitement, MDF should not be put aside. Please take a look at the storage chest I entirely made out of MDF. For me, woodworking is not a destination, it's a journey.

How about this bed I made for my daughter? The storage chest was meant to match the bed.



Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers by Tiffany DeEtte Shafto and Lynda McDaniel

Just taking the time to say "Hi" to Betsy, and of course all active woodworkers.



Re: Need a bandsaw? Make it!

Recently I posted in the Jigs Gallery the spindle sander I made.

Check it out at:

Also available on my website at:!2ED8F7A23848B4AE!279.entry



Re: Borrowing Tools

A humorist once said to his son: "Son, don’t you ever dare touching my tools. Even I don’t touch them."

Since then, this is my answer to borrowers.



Re: End Tables

Wow! Original designs. Your are quite imaginative and/or inspired. Thanks for sharing your work.



Re: Cache boite electrique

Bravo. Quelle inspiration! Merci d'avoir partager. J'ai gardé une copie de la photo.


Re: English Style Bracket Clock (Mahogany)

Nice clock, and nice work too. I particularly like the use you make of the molding profiles. The design looks great and the curves flow in a delicate and gentle fashion. To my eye, they make the clock more 'valuable'. Your clock really inspires me.



Re: Tambootie Natural Edge Bowl

This is very creative.
Thanks for sharing.
Nice work and very very inspirational.



Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

Since I have all the tools, I wish to have more energy and more time to spend in my basement workshop.



PS: Did you really believe that?

BTW, I also wish I could get more space, more headroom, and more wood.

Re: Little Squam

Nice work. I love it too. Maybe one day... a Domino tool will end up in my shop!!! (Day dream, as they call it)



Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

Happy retirement Norm!

Since you had millions of viewers each week I hope you will get millions feedbacks, thanks, greetings and happy retirement wishes. You sure deserve it.

Millions thanks Norm!

PS: I spent 21 years sitting each saturday morning to learn more about woodworking. Now, this is sad for me, and for the new woodworkers since they will miss his knowledge and wisdom. As woodworkers, should we send an email to our PBS station asking to bring back all the episodes, yes all of them from the beginning, so we can watch them again, particularly all missed episodes, and so new woodworkers can have their share of faithfull information and inspiration.



Re: Working with reclaimed lumber, part 2

Nice box and nice 'refreshing' fit!

I made a portable dovetail jig station featuring two small drawers. Since I could'nt install latches and knobs because they would interfer with workpieces, I tried a friction fit to hold the drawers closed. Success! When moving the portable station around, the drawers stay well nested. To open the drawers, I drilled a small hole from hehind so I can slip a finger in to start opening the drawers. For a good friction fit, to me material choice and very precise cuts are the key.



Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Are they available by the pound or by the douzen?

They look "hot"!!



Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: New Masters of the Wooden Box by Oscar P. Fitzgerald

I guess this book is full of inspiration.

A must have book and probably few must have boxes! (at least the one on the cover page)



Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Essential Guide to the Steel Square by Ken Horner

Hi Betsy,

I won't cut the corners round! Does the book really square?



Re: 8 non-woodworking tools for woodworkers

» Camera, obvious, for posterity.

» Welding iron, to date my projects.

» Rubber stamps, to sign my projects.

» Mechanic's vise, for shaping hardware and sharpening small tools.

» All sort of wise-grips, to shape hardware.

» Electician wire cutter, to nip off and/or renove brads.

» Babies wipes, to clean messes, and my fingers of course.

» Car jack, to lift/move heavy tools.

» Handheld make-up mirror, to check inside joinery.

» Mechanic's magnetic tool trays, to keep small parts safe on the workbench.

» Drafting swing-arm lamps (5), to lite when precise joinery is involved.

» Cloth pins container, to keep my rags handy and from getting dusty.

» Drafter's French curve set, to enhance my designs.

» Engineer's ruler, to make scaled plans.

» Credit cards, to spread all kinds of glue.

» Food cans, to use as risers, like when installing shelves.

» Cooking Pots&Pans nylon scrubbing pads, to remove squeezed out glue.

» Dairy product lids, to mix epoxy and to use as scoop to pore PVA glue in to soak my acid brush.

» Household iron, to install pre-glued edge bandings.

» Anvil, to shape/reshape hardware.

» Auto boby round head hammer, to shape/reshape hardware.

» Kitchen timer, so I won't forget cordless tool battery recharging.

» Tooth brushes, to spread out glue and to brush off all kinds of bits after use.

» Garden gloves, to manipulate rugh wood, particularly at the jointer.

» Kids pencils sharpener, obvious.

» Clip boards, to hold sketches and plans.

» Platic straws, to clean squeezed out glue at the intersections of two meeting pieces at 90°.

You're right Tom, non-traditional!



Re: No More Tipping Trim Router

I'm sorry to hear about that accident Tartan.

I believe with such large auxilliary base plate and large handles no one would try to hold the router by its base, close to the spinning bit.

Because of your testamony, I'm very glad I did share this one.



Re: No More Tipping Trim Router

Thanks hoels01 for your question.

This is my answer :

First, just for the fun of using it. It’s a great tool featuring a soft start.

Second, why leaving the trim router in its box and use it only in tight areas or for specific tasks.

Third, while my full size router is set up for a particular job, most of the time the trim router is a great option, even if it’s small, to minimize setups, therefore minimize mistakes.

Fourth, since trim routers have the tendancy to tip, this base prevents such tipping.

Fifth, I don’t really need a 3 HP full size router to spin a 1/8" radius round over bit while still needing a wider base to prevent any tipping?



Re: Upgraded Mitersaw Station - Times 3 - Times 16

Thanks Jason,

I'm very happy you learned something browsing my website. This is what it's all about, "sharing".



Re: Finish Carpenter's Dream Bench/Cabinet

Nice bench/cabinet Bob. Well thought too! I like it very much. Lots of storage is a big plus. Congrats!



Re: Upgraded Mitersaw Station - Times 3 - Times 16

Thank you so much Jason. Sharing is what my website is all about.

I was very happy to read that you learned something in your last visit.

Keep up your great work too.



Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

I own several benchtop tools. Except for the benchtop drill press, which is obviously bolted on a the top surface of a wall workbench, all my benchtop tools are mounted on a piece of plywood which makes them easy to carry around. The plywood base is a little bigger that the tools themselves. Beside that, the plywood is the perfect base to clamp each tool anywhere I want or need them. And third, this plywood base is a great temporary or permanent storage area for any accessories. The plywood base of my benchtop tablesaw has a large hole in the middle of it providing a chute for the saw dust to escape when clamped on a hollow surface. And last, because of those plywood base, I can sit any tool almost anywhere like on a benchtop, sawhorses, even outside on a 45 gal. baril, trailer bed, picnic table, etc. And I almost forgot on my old and trusty 30 years old Workmate!



Re: Wine Rack

Quite original and creative. I like them very much.




Re: Cutting-edge High School Woodworking Program Thrives in Ohio

Attaboy! They all really do nice work. I believe several of them are futur contributors to FW magazine (hope so).
What inspiration!
Congratulations to all.

Re: Side Table

I love it! Nice colors, nice style, nice work.

Congrats and thanks for sharing.



Re: Courtney's Box

Congrats Bruce,

This is a very nice looking box. If this is really your first box, hats off! You made a great job. Your choice of woods is very efficient and attractive. Doug Stowe is a talented woodworker and a great teacher too. I own couple of his books and I watch is DVD on building boxes often. He is very relaxing to watch.

Thanks for sharing your good work.



Re: treasure box

Congratulations ! All is in the details; the color, the shine, the protruding dovetails, the splined top, the handle, contrasting brass rods. Absolutely great !
My favorite detail: The protruding dovetails. I will definitly try these on a future project.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Small Cabinet

I appreciate your detailed teaching method. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Walnut Grandfather Clock

Really nice. Too bad it sits in the corner! (just kidding)
How many hours you said ? (unless you were able to keep time only after it was built)

Re: Display

I agree, a real challenge involving patience I believe.
Nice work. How long did it take ?

Re: Sheet Music Chest

Hats off! This is stunning carving. Congratulations! The idea of carving a song along with the words and musical notes is quite imaginative and innovative.
Best, Serge

Re: Tool Cabinet

Very nice! I would see it in my living room. I believe you dust if off after each woodworking session! Congratulations!
Best, Serge

Re: Pine Wall Cupboard

Nice cupboard! And thanks for the tea stain receipt. I will definitly try it. With this stain the pine looks alike a clear finish on birch. I like it.
Best, Serge

Re: Painted Poplar and Cherry Dining Buffet

I love it. The contrast of colors is just great. This is my kind of look, sober and elegant. Thanks for sharing.
Best, Serge

Re: Entry Way Table

Small size, elegant, great for an entry. Nice. It looks very stable even if it's quite tall for this size.
Contrasting colors seem to Welcome visitors! Congratulations!
Best, Serge

Re: Lift-Lid Box

Nice box. Congratulations! I do recognize the influence of Doug Stowe. He's a great teacher through his books and DVD.
I like your contrasting colors. The beveled top gives a gentil sence of lightness. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your next projects.
Best, Serge

Re: Small Box

Hi Betsy. Nice and lovely box. Congratulations! Doug Stowe has a good influence as I see.
I didn't know you have started woodworking. I hope you will continue your good work and share your projects. Thanks.

Re: wall cabinet

Spalted tanoak ? Wow, what I nice feature. I also like the fact you left the dovetails proud. Nice work. Congratulations.

Re: Dogwood Dining Table

A nice and beefy table for great turkey dinners (with potatoes, of coarse). Nice figured wood - good choice. Congratulations. What should be featured ? The dish or the table ?

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