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Re: Axes in SketchUp

Hi Dave,

Im new to sketchup and ready to update sketchup7 to 8. However when i downloaded for the first time sketchup7 i had a article from fww that allowed me to make some changes to help me get started. It was kinda a list of things that would make it more user friendly such as things to turn on and off. And also something about the measuring. would these same procedures be the same for sketchup8 or can you email me a list to help simplify this for me? Im not sure i remember what exact issue it was as i suscribe to fww,and probably assuming it would be different for the newer version anyway. thanks alot and i enjoy your videos and help.



Re: "New Yankee" toolchest

do you still have the plans for this cabinet? can you email or copy the plans for me. thanks

Re: Watch the preview of Tommy Mac's new woodworking show

I heard norm is not making new shows because of lack of funding and sponsership. Did woodcraft try to talk with norm or did they just pick this guy?

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