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Blanket Chest

Built as a Toy Chest with stabilizing hinges and air passages for safety.  A removable bottom of aromatic cedar is included for use as a Blanket Chest later.  A basic chest design was used but with...

Bedside End Tables

Two bedside end tables of my design, made from Eucalyptus (now called Red Grandis), to match small round table in the same wood (not shown).  Lower extension of drawer front has finger groove at the...

Dining Room Table

I built this Dining Room Table of white oak and walnut trim to match other units of the same woods.  Table separates on equalizing sliders for 2 leaves.  Will seat 8 comfortably, 10 with a little...


I built this sideboard to match the sister piece china cabinet shown below.  From a plan of colonial design altered for a Shaker-style look.

Copy of Tim Rousseau's Floating Tabletop

I followed Tim Rousseau's Floating Tabletop plan and kept the dimensions.  I added Walnut trim for accent,and kept the legs straight, tapered and splayed rather than curved, and eliminated the...

China Cabinet in White Oak

This china cabinet consists of a lower buffet and upper display case. All White Oak, to match with other pieces in the Dining Room of the same material. Based on a plan, but altered to reflect a...

Liquor Cabinet in White Oak

I wanted to build a cabinet that would hold all the usual fixings, apart from the Krenov-style cabinet I built a couple of years ago for the Single Malt collection (shown here as well).  I reviewed...

Drop Leaf Table

I saw this table in one of the trade magazines but changed the size by reducing it a bit, and made it out of Wormy Soft Maple, bookmatched for effect.

Small Cabinet

  This small cabinet is a knockoff from a photo of a completed project by Andrew Wallace that appeared in a recent edition of FWW.  I made it in eucalyptus, which goes well with other...

Small Chest

This small chest started out as four boxes and morphed into something else.  The drawers are Hickory and the carcase is cherry.  The carcase was built around the two different-sized sets of...

Upright Cherry Chest of Drawers

This was the first project I completed with a Waterlox finish, which was recommended to me by another woodworker I met in a custom lumber yard.  My standard finish was Sealcoat followed by...

Krenov-Inspired Cabinet

I saw another version of a Krenov-inspired cabinet in FWW, built by Michael Swift, and its elegance moved me to build my own.  Primary wood is White Oak, with Cherry panels in the doors and...

Swedish Folding Table

This was built from a plan, in Cherry.  Open it will comfortably seat four and serving ware.  I had some requests for additional photos of it opened, so I added them.

Sewing Center

I built this from a plan I purchased over the internet.  Heavy -- built from 3/4 Maple laminated plywood and contains a hydraulic German-made lift -- and complicated, but full of featuresnbsp...

Magazine Rack

I found a rough sketch online of this rack, done by a British woodworker, but without a photo of the completed project.  I used his drawing to build this contemporary piece, simple in...

Magazine Rack & Table

This magazine rack and end table is of my own design, in Cherry.  The design sort of evolved as I went along.  Plan was roughly sketched out to provide a notional concept of what I...

Combined Shop and Pool House

This year-round, all-weather woodworking shop combines a front section that houses a shower/dressing room and WC.  There is a step-down into the shop itself, which measures 24' x30nbsp...

Chestnut one-off on Norm Abrams' Shaker Chest of Drawers

The chest is based on a Shaker plan by Norm Abrams that was originally on the cover of one of his books, but in white pine.  I built this out of American Chestnut (new growth) instead of pine...

Garrett Hack's Huntboard

I completed this huntboard in 2008, based on Garrett Hack's fine piece.  I eliminated the banding, knife hinges and the piping along the door panels, but otherwise stayed pretty true to his...

Recent comments

Re: China Cabinet in White Oak

neo: I put on one coat of Sealcoat and followed with three coats of Waterlox and finished up with Butcher's wax. The wood is all white oak, but I had one board that curled and darkened heavily, which I used for the drawer faces. Thanks for your note!

Re: Birch Sideboard

Wonderful piece and superb craftmanship. I'm looking for the right sideboard plan to complement several other pieces, all in white oak. Yours just be the one!

Re: Base China Hutch Cabinets

Very nice piece of work. Well done.

Re: Floating-top Liquor Cabinet

An exceptional piece, artfully designed and executed with perfection. Bravo!

Re: Garrett Hack's Huntboard

Sorry for the long delay in responding (and assuming you are still interested). I used high-end brass butt hinges on this sideboard, mainly because I was afraid of trying knife hinges at that point. I have since done two other projects with knife hinges though, my latest piece, a small cabinet in eucalyptus and the Krenov-inspired cabinet shown at my site. They take more work and careful execution, but are worth the effort!

Cheers, Bill

Re: Wine cabinet

Beautiful piece of work, and a very innovative design. My compliments!

Re: "Sunlight on the Water Table," bubinga with glass bead inlay

Very, very nice piece and exceptionally well done. Would like to hear your procedures for the curved legs.


Re: Combined Shop and Pool House

To mph3: The floors are spongy linoleum tile on cement, primarily to keep the costs down (which were already reaching the upper limits). A contractor friend designed it with my help (and my wife's, who planned all the windows). There is no separate finishing room, but I never spray and dust nibs on finished pieces have never been a problem for me. I finish with Waterlox, which levels nicely, and rubbing it out with 600 wet paper or 0000 steel wool seems to do just fine for me. And apologies for this late reply. Regards, Bill

Re: Scrapbooking Cabinet

Wonderful piece of furniture. If you wouldn't mind sendinmg me whatever it was fyou sent Joe I'd be very grateful.



Re: Krenov-Inspired Cabinet

To Simonchef: I didn't count the hours, as I worked on it a few hours for most days between early August and the end of September. I would estimate about 80-90 hours.

Re: Swedish Folding Table

Good idea, I'll add some photos of the table in the open position. I built it so long ago I no longer have the plans. But I'm sure you can find them if you search for "Swedish Table". The oval cutouts make it easy to identify.

Re: Combined Shop and Pool House

Hi 308defense:

The 8" jointer is the G0490X. That's the one with the helical head and a foot-levered wheel to move it around. It's a superb machine and about half the cost of its American cousins. I highly recommend it. I have a Grizzly 17" band saw as well, which comes with a built-in electrical brake. Another good machine I can recommend. Go for it!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

From my perspective it is nonsense to sue the manufacturer. May as well sue the knife-maker for accidentally cutting off your thumb.

Re: Grand Daughter's Toy Box

Nice piece, John. The name Pinckney, however you spell it, is a Southern name from the colonial period, still around these days. My name is Czech in origin, not much in common there!

Re: Garrett Hack Huntboard

I built this huntboard for my son and his wife. It was the most complicated project I had undertaken up to that time and probably spent four months on it total, catching a few hours here and there and on weekends. I eliminated the banding and substituted the knife hinges but closely followed the plan in most other ways(which I eventually had to buy to get it right) This is one of Garret Hack's finest pieces and -- as it should -- it shows up in so many different venues in Fine Woodworking.

Re: Maple & Ash Dressers , Six Drawers + 1 Secret Drawer

Beautiful work. My compliments.

Re: Free Plan: Humidor

IE can't find it either.

Re: Free Plan: Humidor

Mozilla can't find the server either.

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